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May 2004

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Proving a Point u07

(PeterTaylor) I, for one, welcome our generator overlords.

(giggles madly) Hahaa! ^_^ --Requiem

I can understand what's going on in that one... this makes a nice change :)  Usually I get horribly lost... --MJ

Sha'Am generator!  ... No, that's quite enough.  Until the wiki gains an automatic wiki->Markov and a chain generator, anyway ;)  --Vitenka
Too late... --K

He he he.  And once again, I say he.  Oh, and ho.  And ha as well, if you like.  --FR

I've just noticed that the pot plant has a SweatDrop. How cool. --CH
Ooo! Cool! So does the coffee. --Requiem

Testing an Hypothesis u08

Alex, some of the links on your consequences page that I linked to are broken - #40 is the one I noticed. They're all still there, though :) - SunKitten
Thanks - fixed. You're lucky it's still there, actually, because I've been considering just taking that website down completely. But it is good fun to look back on the sillier moments of the old days. Hmm, I think we don't play enough pen-and-paper games like Consequences or PeopleCoveredInFish these days. --AlexChurchill

Hmm, looks like we might be coming up to another "theory of magic" type episode. I do want to find out more about how magic works in toothyworld. - CorkScrew

Forming a Theory u09

Braithwaite Probes v03

(PeterTaylor) I see the other Phoenix Feathers site is even worse than this one for black backgrounds and insufficient contrast. It seems to be black on black.
How can you have more contrast than white on black? - SunKitten
By having a larger font, so my screen resolution / mental processing doesn't blur the black across the white and make it appear grey on black.

The font size isn't set. Use your browser controls to alter the text size. For me, having it any larger would be ugly - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) The font size is fine for black on white, and your PF rant is the only thing I regularly read which is white on black. I tend to select the text and read it as blue on white.
So, um, what's the problem? I thought you were complaining about the contrast, which is as high as possible. Then you complain about the size, which I didn't set and is user-controlled anyway. I have no problem reading black on white or white on black, and for one person reading the site white on black is much easier. It's not hard to set it in your browser anyway - SunKitten, confused
Not entirely sure why this is a pf issue specifically, but.  White text on black does need a larger font size than black text on white in order to acheieve the same apparant line width.  It's the same pixel size, obviously - but sadly the eye doesn't work that way.  Something to do with how we detect lines.  Having said that, so many websites are broken that I long ago reverted to sites having no control over colour or font and I've not looked back.  With a decent browser you can make that site specific even.  --Vitenka
The Harry Potter fan site appears grey-on-black for some reason. I find PF lovely and clear to read. Oh - and nice episode. I like. --Requiem
This is possibly just a per-browser thing anyway.  Netscape always used to render fonts far smaller than the equivalent text in IE so I guess all browsers will have their own version of font size --K
I can set mine, with ctrl-mousewheel. Maybe that's just because I'm using IE and therefore am PondScum?. --Requiem
Mmm. I maintain love triangle. Or at the very least, jealous /Megaera... --CH
Also note that /Rin's wondering whether the /StudentCommittee? President is in fact her former master the /MysteriousEvilDude, I think. Although that could be just because she's been rather intensely focused on the MED recently. In case anyone's wondering where the name Braithwaite is familiar from, see h23. This may also remind that both the Committee and the MED are interested in background aetheric levels. --AlexChurchill
So the probe in question was presumable designed by the /MysteriousEvilDude? - CorkScrew

Daedalus the invisible w02

Bad experiences with canvassers?  --Vitenka
They like to bug the Zoology Dept every few months or so. The last time they came through with loudspeakers. If they did their homework, they'd know that there are no fluffy cute widdle animals in the Dept, let alone any being tortured here. I'm quite surprised I haven't had any 'cease and desist' emails yet... ^^;; - SunKitten
But you have tranquiliser guns right? Or possibly chloroform? Much fun could be had >:) - CorkScrew
Er, yeah. We keep the guns for when our fruitflies escape and start attacking us... ^^;;; - SunKitten (seriously - only insects and maybe a worm or two)
Well, those fruitflies can be quite vicious little devils at times. And I think the animal protestors themselves justify acquiring a tranq gun :) - CorkScrew, the master of circular argument

Passing Time h26

Oh nice setup.  And here I thought it was just going to be 'time passes' so that you have an excuse for them to know stuff next strip - but no.. you had to go and have them all finally meet.  And when they do, may I be the first to say Sha'Am? ;)  --Vitenka

It was a collection of things that needed to happen but didn't *really* merit a full strip :) - SunKitten
I'm trying to figure out what was happening in line 4 - looked like random person asking Sylvai out? - CorkScrew

Wai! Yozhik is wearing [one of these]! --ChrisHowlett

Like it.  By the way, is the HEM building thing really a reference to Terry Pratchett, or did I miss something?  --FR
Well, I think it and TerryPratchett are referring to the same thing - you know, there really is a High energy Physics department here... --Requiem
It's a reference. There are some others, scattered around the archives. Actually, there are a lot of references to a number of things I've read/watched/heard, and even more influences :) - SunKitten

'Too Important to Break' pn07

All together now: awwwww - CS

NOOOOOOO! the angst, the heartbreak, the.....OHH jammy doughnut
ahem. macloud

Indeed sad and angsty. I wonder what responsibilities the Queen of the Fae has that being a half-breed would interfere with? From the Ivanovich's tone, it doesn't sound like just diplomatic issues. Could it even be connected to Twilight? --AlexChurchill

The Order of Remembrance h27

One wonders if the Order of Remembrace do anything other than just hang around remembering each other, and anyone else who pays them... And congrats on the bishies - I want to see the triple-bishified bag now, but I'd think a Zelgadis would be a magnificent idea. --AlexChurchill
Link to previous strip should be pn07, not pn06, btw. --AC
Sorry - it was rather late I updated last night... - SunKitten

Ooh, I recognise that train picture... :) --M-A
Yes, I don't do landscapes normally, so they get recycled :) - SunKitten

Now, why would the parents of a necromancer be grieving? Trivial explanation: he faked his own death. Long, fun explanation: something complex and twisted, possibly involving Twilight and/or Phoenixes - CorkScrew

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