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I won't mention any more generators except for two, which I particularly appreciated - the Consequences generator and the arts essay generator (and yes, I know that there are lots of examples of the latter. I think they're all very clever and am forever glad I picked a science subject, where I'm only expected to fill half an essay with indeterminate waffling ;).

For those who haven't played Consequences, you play with a group of friends - the more the merrier. You each start with a piece of paper and write down, at the top, the name of a man. Then the paper is folded over so the name is hidden, and passed on. On your new piece of paper, you write the name of a woman, and repeat the folding process. As the papers go round, you write, in turn, where they met, what he said, what she replied, what happened next and what the consequence of all this was. The results are usually funny and occasionally pure genius, although it works best when the names of people familiar to those playing are used (this page contains some examples, but probably won't be funny if you don't know the people involved). The formula can be varied, of course. And now we can all play Consequences just by clicking 'refresh', although it does lack a certain something without the spontaneous idiocy of large groups of friends all laughing together.

- Sun Kitten, 7th May '04

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