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I'm really stuck!
I only have answers for 1, 2 and 6 and am not confident about any of them. How's everyone else doing? --Rachael
I am confident about my answer for 6, and also have answers for 1,2,3 that I'm not sure about. Maybe a hint for 3 and 4 would be useful? --qqzm

Noted. I'll put a hint or two on /DoubleAcrosticHintsAndSolutions. --AC

qqzm feels he's getting nowhere fast and wonders if Mr. Alex would mind posting some hints for the other clues...
Seconded --Rachael
Okay, added some more hints. I'm sorry if the actual solution isn't worth the effort you've all been putting into it. I hope when you get it you'll at least see why I've been acting so cagily about it, though. --AC

Hey, I think I've got it!!! Have looked at all the cross-light hints and not yet the new upright hints, and am now going to check upright hints to see if I'm right. I'd been thinking vaguely along those lines before with one or two of the clues, but couldn't make it fit; but the hints helped it to fall into place. Wow - very, very clever. :) :) --Rachael
OK, the upright hints don't really help; never mind. I'm pretty confident I have it, and you are absolutely justified in being so cagey about hints/discussion/etc.  --Rachael, who is very impressed

Also have it now with Jenny's help --qqzm.

Grr. Even with all the clues, I can still only make a reasonable stab at 5 and 6 (which I think I have correct). I thought I had 1, but it proved mostly-inconsistent with 5 & 6 in acquiring uprights. This is not easy... --ChrisHowlett

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