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Taught by Aristotle.

Infamously famous general.
On first reading, I managed to miss the word "famous"
That too...
Yeah - he was just great at everything, not anything specific.
Well, the only specific I can think of is how he rallied his troops to victory by making obscene gestures with a cucumber. Read that in an AgeOfEmpires? manual, but haven't seen it anywhere else - can anyone confirm? - CorkScrew
Well, depends how far you can throw a Greek author. I forget which one - it might have been Herodotus, he often has a good yarn to spin. --Requiem

Who is the corresponding AlexanderTheLesser?  Or am I reading too much patterning in from exposure to Cambridge church names?  --MJ
Probably. There was a film called AlexanderTheSmall?, but I suspect  that's an example of convergence.

So it's not a nickname for Alex then?
By extension of the above discussion, either AlexanderTheRound? or AlexanderTheGreen?.  --Vitenka
Surely that should be TheRoundAlexander?! --AR

CategoryPending, CategoryEvilDictator?

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