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Nothing to do with Dracula spelt backwards.  At all.  Honest.

The real star of the HellSing Anime series - Alucard is a vampire of the truly old school.  Powerful.  Deadly.  Stylish.

He likes guns, he likes a good fight and he appears morbidly bored.
And really likes ironic humour.

For some reason, he likes to use as little power as possible while fighting - releasing his seals only when there is the potential of a fight worthy of him.  (A very nice example is how dissapointed he is when an attacking vampire turns out to have been a fake.  Have been, since said vampire is now an insane smear on the floor.)

Alucard cameos are popping up all over the internet - and have been for a while now.  The best (IMHO) was about four months ago, in a story arc in Adventurers.  (I'm not sure whether it was deliberate or not - but the line "This gun was once called the hammer of god / It is supposed to inspire FEAR, not ENVY / Sooo shinnny..." just seems so perfect.)

Alucard dresses in a red cloak, and wears sunglasses.  A vampire who wears sunglasses.  I wonder if this means WhiteWolf made it to Japan?

*coughcough* Did you ever see MasterMosquiton?? *wince* - Kazuhiko

His nemesis is paladin Anderson who is known for being able to heal fast and for carrying a stupidly large number of knives. Some of you might be wondering how he does this, so here's a quote from the manga author's rant page: "Anderson is actually 4th dimensional, so there." --Steve

It has been pointed out to me that Alucard bears a disturbing likeness to CarmenSandiego? when you can't see his face.  --Vitenka

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