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It's a realistic 'pokemon' game.  That is - a company creates a game much like pokemon (presumably with a fabulously awful TV show which we thankfully avoid.) and markets toys.  Little robot toys that fight.  No computer simulations here, you can bash your opponents (toys) head in.
Satisfying, and satisfyingly plausible.  (As soon as we can make them affordable, this will be done.)

The anime then follows a girl who gets such a toy and, well, plays with it.  And meets people and talks to them and is horrificly cutesy at times.

It's half a tournament fighter.  That's the bad bit.  (Although the fights are amusing.)

It's actually really good.  It shouldn't be, because it's Pokemon-Tournament.  But it is.  --Vitenka

That's actually a reasonable summary. The only thing to add is that the appeal of the show comes from: (1) It's by CLAMP; (2) It's exceedingly cute (CLAMP can do cute rather well); (3) There's a delightfully dodgy scientist/researcher/paedophile who introduces the girl to the game, strikes bishie poses from tree branches and then falls on his head, and punishes his subordinates by putting octopi in their trousers.  --AlexChurchill

It does actually have a plot, as well. It may be a fairly predictable one, but it's still there, and it's more than 'protagonist must triumph with l33t skillz'. There is even a reason for the invention of the game :) - SunKitten
Oh yes, lots of bittersweet plot.  Hidden behind the octopus weilding crazy genius and the 'five year old who is as god at the game' and all the other mad stuff, but yes it's there.  --Vitenka


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