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It seems that, once you have played one character and made them semi-famous, you will forever be labelled as such. Besides, everybody would otherwise call me Tony, which is dull.

Due to exam term terminal boredom (read as "am meant to be revising"), I have decided to update this page.

In real life I am Tony Evans, a 4th year NatSci from DowningCollege. Originally from around Colchester?, but have just about gotten rid of the accent so you wouldn't know. Apart from wasting time, I am also a BoatieScum and have been now for a year, which is a radical reversal on my previous policy towards boaties. Other interests include TV, sailing, TV, and wasting time, which includes but is not limited to TV. Generally a nice guy.

Future Plans: Getting out of this place! A summer of sun sea and surf, followed by an autumn of long haul plane flights as I really do get out of this place and go see part of the world. Afterwards a job; anybody know of any openings for a 2nd-grade cambridge physicist?

Feel free to comment, add and generally destroy this page.
Which category does SPAG come under? --M-A


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