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Spelling, punctuation and grammar?.
Doesn't incorrect punctuation use count as a subset of grammar? --AlexChurchill
I don't think so, no.  You can hear incorrect grammar when people speak.  Punctuation only exists in the written media. --M-A
I maintain I can pronounce punctuation. Incorrect punctuation, however, would require a rather odd mode of speech. --Requiem
I'm unconvinced that you can hear *all* bad grammar... Dictionary: grammar isn't clear either way. Isn't correcting "it's" to "its" a grammar correction? I'll admit that correcting "their" to "they're" could be deemed a spelling correction. --AlexChurchill
I agree that it's a close call on these particular examples.  I'd say the answer should be the same for both, though.  Taking "its" and "it's", you would be correcting grammar if the original person meant to say "it is" when they should have said "its", but just punctuation if the original person didn't know what the apostrophe signified.  Similarly for "their" and "they're".  Many people really don't know what the difference is between those two spellings, and what they each signify.  But here's another one for you - "should have" vs. "should of".  Is that a grammar correction?  I'd say it was, because "have" and "of" are different words in the writer's mind, before it gets to paper, and they've picked the wrong one, whereas in the first two examples, the pairs of confused words are probably the same in the writer's mind.  Of course, this is all just my way of looking at it... --M-A

It's a category of marks awarded in GCSE exams.

If you are me SPAG marks are lost marks.--King DJ

If you were me, SPAG marks would be marks gained... - CorkScrew
Indeed. Giveaway marks. Requiem wishes they still did that... >_<
Its not a give away if you routinely get between 0 and 33% on them!--King DJ

CategoryAbbreviation, CategoryLanguage; see also English, GrocersApostrophe, Thru

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