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You know, with the corruption of the word 'bad' we must have produced a generation of kids with images of rapper wolves in their heads.

I could prove this by a quick web-search, but you can prove anything that way.
- and hence you can prove nothing that way.

BigBadWolf? is a perfectly sensibly concept page.  (ok, we just hit the plurals problem again, but still)  C'mon people - an ontological discussion of why the BigBadWolf? is such an overused concept in FairyTales??  --Vitenka

It is a ReturnOfTheRepressed?, namely socially-unacceptable desires such as avarice and lust. --Bobacus, in ArmchairExpert? mode.

Fear is the fundamental negative emotion. Fear begins when a baby first realises the difference between "I" and the world. The tale is  merely a focus for this fear. --Garbled

The difference between me and you is that I've always known the wolves are there. I've always known the wolves will come. You, on the other hand, desperately wish to believe that there are no wolves. It is so easy when wolves do not come into the picture; so simple when there are no wolves, but only boys that cry "wolf! wolf!"
Later, after the wolves come, you will ask yourselves - why, why did he cry "wolf! wolf!", when there were no wolves? Why did he drive us to lose our trust in him? Why?
How naive! You truly believe that you could oppose the wolves. That when you came to my cries, you could save me and chase them away. You do not understand what they are, wolves, and you never will. When the wolves come, it is the end. When the wolves come, none leave. I know my fate: the wolves will come for me. But you, you naive ones: why should you also be sacrificed? I would that this were avoided.
Oh, if I could only rely on myself, if I could only be certain that I will not cry out when the wolves come! Then everything really would be simple. But I cannot be sure of it. No-one can be sure how they will act when the wolves come. You can train, pretend, lie to yourself as much as you like - but when the wolves come, everything will change, everything will be so different that things can be no more different than that. I may cry out, or I may not. I have no way to know.
It is good that I have had this idea, this "wolf! wolf!". It is a load off my shoulders. Now everything is as it should be. When the wolves come, it no longer matters if I cry out or if I do not - you will not come. No-one will come. None will be here save me when the wolves come. And that is right.
But why won't they come?
Oh, why won't they come?

MaintainMe: BigBadWolf?
Backlinks to HarryPotter/HufflepuffHouse - which is unutterably wrong, since that's supposed to be about badgers.


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