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What can we say about hufflepuff?  Well, first of all - Hufflepuff is, undoubtably, the most important house.  Dogged and loyal - a hufflepuff doesn't stop for anything.  Doesn't matter how strong you are, how sneaky, how clever - eventually you will tire out.  Unless you're a hufflepuffler.  You want to fall over?  No?  Then bid.  --Vitenka

The Bestest of the /Hogwarts? Houses.

Purely because they don't feature in the books.  Wait.  I don't know that.  There's no way I could know that.  I was never here.
That's not actually, entirely, true, you know...
Fair point.  Being named after a BeatrixPotter? character is also an advantage.
In fact, we know of at least a dozen members of the House...
It is one of the best houses since it is the least discriminative house, or does it simply takes in rejects? -ColinLeung

I think one of the descriptions bluntly says it's for "everyone else", but everyone of course has HiddenStrengths?, so that's OK... :) --Kazuhiko
Yes, we thought that was possibly a little insulting of the /SortingHat, but...

Do they ever do anything except get beaten at Quidddiddititititich?
Some of them join the DA in HP5.

I think that that Hufflepuff founded the house so that Hogwarts didn't become too elitist.--King DJ
Huzzah! The Hufflepuff Opportunity Bursaries are a longstanding adjunct to the Hogwards Special Access Scheme, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds get into the country's most prestigious academic institution. --Requiem ^_^
Isn't it the UK's only magic school?--King DJ
It pleases my colleague to jest. --Requiem

Named after the sound BigBadWolves make before they blow houses down, demonstrating the importance of MaterialEngineering?. -ColinLeung

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