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Garbled is a random individual lured to the Wiki by the ToothyCat (or maybe one of its kittens). He otherwise goes by the name of Alex Levin , and has been to Cambridge at least twice, and knows MoonShadow or at least a previous incarnation.

He is a random Wikizen. A random and fleeting Wikizen.

He finally got round to passing his driving test fifth time lucky, and was fortunate enough to acquire a Toyota Yaris in exchange for a wedding and some cash. *ducks*.

He is now happily married to the one and only wonderful HamStress. Woohoo! We went on honeymoon to the venetian riviera, pictures of which (as granted by our most generous host MoonShadow) are [here]. Wedding pics will follow in about a week after we persuade Simon our photographer to part with them.

Garbled and HamStress have both got jobs.
Garbled works as a Support Engineer in Swindon, here [1]. I really enjoy it, there is a great working atmosphere, bags of training and (apparent) job security.

HamStress is gainfully employed as a Maths tutor and will soon be returning to the alcohol-hazed world of studenthood.

After the wedding, we had a lovely church service the day after, and  a Jewish ceremony on October 30th at the [my local synagogue].

RetroStag was funnnn...nnnnn. Pool was played, football was watched ( bristol city 2- mkdons 2) - city is playing badly this season.

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Happy belated birthday! You were very quiet about that one.. ^^; - MoonShadow
   Thankee! Twas a very quiet day, but watched some good Rugby with Ale. --Garbled

/Printers are vexing me... must vent ...

For fun, why not try running whois microsoft.com :-)

Um, only just realised that you could see pages that you've edited (if you sign your contributions by clicking your name from your homepage). FlashOfInsight...crackle..pop

Got some new PiersAnthony recently (birthday) - Hasan?, and the first three GeoOdessy (sp.?) books
Rather good.

Has an idea for making that annoying trip to the hairshop less urgsome.
Don't ask how / why this is relevant but here is the text for my simulation.


I have recently become a GardeningBore

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