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First there was darkness, and then came light.  Disco light to be precise.

You notice that quite a lot of the anime characters you were watching last night appear to be dancing, rather frenetically, to rave music.  Most of the regulars at the club seem a little confused though as DJ Alucard's usual dark tunes have been replaced by some rather worrying remixes of Magic Girl opening themes.  This could be connected to the fact that he appears to be tied to a chair with pink ropes at the moment.

The current DJ is actually pretty good, despite her age, though her taste in music could be questioned.  How she manages to mix tracks while keeping her camcorder pointed straight at one of the girls on the dance floor is beyond you.

Your attention is drawn to one side of the dance floor where two girls dressed in blue and green are attempting to teach a third, dressed in red, how to dance to the music.  They don't seem to be meeting with much success, although the end result is quite amusing, and cute, to watch.  Their pupil appears to be chanting BigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishCardboardBox under her breath while attempting to match actions to the words.

Somewhere, in the distance, you hear a marshmallow scream as it is roasted over a fire.

A considerable portion of the more confused dancers appear to be zombies.  Somehow, this doesn't worry you.  Most of them seem to have gathered around a DarklyCute individual for support.  The crowd parts briefly as a girl in bright pink ballet dances across the floor to the rave music.

Another dance lesson appears to be going on in another corner of the room.  A boy with short black hair, wearing gloves, is being dragged around the floor by his considerably more enthusiastic sister whose dress could not be described as anything less than flamboyant.  A slightly older man is looking on, laughing, from the side as she tries to get him to move with the music.  Despite the heat in the room, the man is still wearing his trench coat, which seems to melt into the shadows.  You are struck with a feeling of both joy and sadness while you watch them.  When you watch closely though, you have the strangest impression that you can see the dancers around them, even when the girl passes in front of them.

A man with long red hair is standing to one side of the dance floor luxuriating in the adoration of a large crowd of girls.  He seems, however, somewhat annoyed by the fact that (a) the two girls he is actually interested in are currently off dancing with each other and don't seem to be paying much attention to anything else and (b) another man, known only as 'ThePresident?', seems to have managed to attract a larger gathering of cute girls than he.

You begin to feel a little hungry at this point and are very grateful when a girl offers you a hot fish shaped pastry.  She smiles and heads back to a group of girls gathered around a boy who, perhaps understandably, seems a little dazed.

You notice that a new group has started singing on the stage and forget that you were listening to a DJ.  The new group is definitely good, but a somewhat mismatched collection.  The singer's clothes practically scream goth, being somewhere between a nun's habit and a black evening gown, but you get the distinct impression that there is a lot more to her than that.  The backing singers all appear to have small wings and halos but they seem to be singing for fun rather than actually trying to do a professional job.  The rest of the band consists of five boys on various instruments ranging, rather bizarrely, from two guitarists and a drummer, to one playing the flute and the last playing the violin.  Their opinions of the club seem to vary almost as wildly as their choice of instruments.  The expression on the drummers face would certainly indicate that, given half a chance, the club and everything in it would be high on his ToBeVaporised? list.  You think you can see his mouth making the words AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs, but you can't be certain.

Things seem to be building up to a climax now and most of the dancers appear to have shifted into smaller, cuter and far more bouncy versions of themselves.  One conga line has formed, headed by a purple haired girl, a brown haired girl, another brown haired girl...  Ah, no, that was just the pastel sparklies, itís actually a guy... a guy waving a fan that appears to be on fire and a guy in priest's clothing.  You have your doubts about the girl with purple hair but you decide to keep them to yourself.

The band finish with a flare and PastelSparklies drift down from the ceiling signifying the end.  You decide to go to sleep and curl up in the corner of the room for a nap...

This hallucination was brought to you by the letters 'S' and 'D' and the number 42.

Sponsored by LackOfSleep? and MushroomFumes?
That would explain the idiosyncratic "... a girl in bright pink ballet dances ..."
Yeah, I know, but I couldn't work out how to punctuate it correctly... - Kazuhiko
Oh - dances ballet? I thought "ballet" was referring to her dress, as in "... a girl in a bright pink tutu dances..."
I can't quite work out all the references. This begs to be an AMV - SunKitten
I've referenced stuff I think is well-known but, of course, that doesn't mean it necessarily is.  Let me know if you want clues for any paragraph :)  I think you should be looking for 13 references, two of which are not, strictly speaking, anime/manga.  The thought of an AMV of this scares me :)  Especially the music :) - Kazuhiko


AMV nothing.  We want to give you a 7 episode series, with episode 3 being a special double length OVA.  Although we are a little worried that perhaps this all makes a bit too much sense.  --PresidentOfGainax??

I believe there's a market for at least that, plus a couple of follow-up movies.  The public want /More!  --AlexChurchill

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