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Welcome to CantaWiki!

This is a forum for messages and editable information about Cantabrigian content, as well as anything and everything else that comes to mind.  All visitors are welcome to read and participate. Warning: particularly outlandish things you say may end up being quoted.

Starting points

So, what's a wiki, anyway? What does this one do? How do I use it?

List of topics people are writing about. CategoryAnime, CategoryGames, CategoryComputing, even some stuff in CategorySerious. Click on a category's title to get a list of things people thought belonged in it.

Wiki-within-a-wiki-within-a-wiki. Cooperative fiction.

Sign your name here..

Place to try Wiki things out.

Points of Interest

http://www.cam.ac.uk owners have even less official control over this server than you might expect.  Those that do nominally hold control, actually hold little or no control over information placed on this server by third parties, and hence cannot be held responsible for breaches of copyright by third parties, although any cease-and-desist orders served by copyright holders will be complied with to the best of their ability, and informal efforts will be made both to discourage posting of copyright or otherwise restricted material and to attempt timely removal thereof should any be posted.

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