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I'm confused.  How come this is different from the other UniversityOfCambridge page?

Because whatever else CambridgeLife includes, it does not have bash command magic, necromancy or winged bikes. - MoonShadow
I disagree.  My evidence would be the computing department, people like Oliver Stone and the morning rush respectively.  --Vitenka

Subjects this university teaches that UniversityOfCambridge does not include:
Worryingly, I was involved in putting in a proposal that this be made an elective lecture series. -- Vitenka
This is, of course, learned with a barcode editor between the two chocolate machines in the CL.  (Are these still there?)  --Senji
(PeterTaylor) There's a [Coke machine] and I think a chocolate machine in the cafe at WGB.
OK, that was a bit of an in-joke nowadays I guess, the two chocolate machines "in the CL" (they were once) are on Arup 2 (or is it 3?) and Cockcroft 3.  Between them is the CS Machine Room... -- Senji

Although ToothyCat seems to have marginally fewer /ExplodingDepartments?.

I shall have to do something about that  --SunKitten
Ooh, can I help, please, please? --MJ, proving he is an incorrigible chemist.
I think Kurai has done enough in that area already...  --SunKitten

It's also notable that either the PhoenixFeathers/UniversityOfCambridge is not collegiate, or else the colleges have a much smaller role than they do in the RealLife UniversityOfCambridge (given that no college has yet been mentioned, AFAIR). --SF
Mentioned, no - but they show up on screen dumps a fair bit. That said, we've seen lectures, socialising, and GamesEvening type activities - none of these are notably collegiate, either. I don't feel happy drawing that conclusion. --TI


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