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Old: MTG: Dancing Scimitar, MTG: Ebony Horse, MTG: Crimson Manticore, 2*MTG: Evacuation, MTG: Tidal Kraken, MTG: Vernal Equinox, MTG: Magnetic Web, MTG: Cetavolver, MTG: Wild Research, MTG: Deflection, MTG: Preferred Selection, MTG: Hidden Predators, MTG: Echo Chamber, MTG: Pattern of Rebirth, 2*MTG: Rayne, Academy Chancellor, MTG: Memory Jar.

Odyssey block: MTG: Dogged Hunter, MTG: Transcendence, MTG: Petradon, MTG: Turbulent Dreams, MTG: Nostalgic Dreams, MTG: Cognivore.

Onslaught block: 2*MTG: Tempting Wurm, MTG: Endemic Plague, MTG: Mistform Skyreaver, 2*MTG: Gangrenous Goliath, MTG: Tephraderm, MTG: Tribal Forcemage, MTG: Planar Guide, MTG: Trap Digger, MTG: Force Bubble, MTG: Weaver of Lies, MTG: Lavaborn Muse, MTG: Upwelling, MTG: Sliver Overlord, MTG: True Believer.

Mirrodin block: MTG: Nightmare Lash, MTG: Psychogenic Probe, MTG: Liar's Pendulum, MTG: Tower of Eons.

Italics = I like and/or have plans for this, thus rate it more highly than sheer value may suggest.


This list now covers everything not in a deck, and some things in decks. Some I'm really quite reluctant to part with, but if it's listed, I'll consider it.

Land: 2*MTG: Tainted Wood, 2*MTG: Barbarian Ring.

Artifact: MTG: Shapeshifter, MTG: Wall of Spears, MTG: Aeolipile, MTG: Celestial Prism, MTG: The Rack, MTG: Shield of the Ages, MTG: Obsianus Golem, MTG: Conservator, 2*MTG: Library of Leng, MTG: Needlebug, MTG: Pearl Shard, MTG: Dead-Iron Sledge, MTG: Clockwork Vorrac, 2*MTG: Dragon Blood, MTG: Transmogrifying Licid.

White: MTG: Osai Vultures, MTG: Angry Mob, MTG: Icatian Phalanx, 2*MTG: Equal Treatment, 2*MTG: Chain of Silence, 2*MTG: Pearlspear Courier, MTG: Dust to Dust, MTG: Red Scarab, MTG: White Ward, MTG: Crowd FavouritesMTG: Kjeldoran Skycaptain, MTG: Crude Rampart, 2*MTG: Fanatical Devotion, 2*MTG: Martyr's Cause, MTG: Breath of Life, MTG: Miraculous Recovery, MTG: Swooping Talon, MTG: Whipcorder, MTG: Aura Extraction, 2*MTG: Sunfire Balm, MTG: Gustcloak Sentinel, MTG: Daru Warchief, MTG: Silver Knight, 2*MTG: Wing Shards, MTG: Taj-Nar Swordsmith, MTG: Teroh's Vanguard, 4*MTG: Aura of Silence.

Blue: foil MTG: Fleeting Aven, MTG: Rummaging Wizard, MTG: Water Elemental, MTG: Riptide Chronologist, 2*MTG: Aven Fateshaper, MTG: Homarid Shaman, 4*MTG: Mistform Stalker, MTG: Annex, 2*MTG: Meddle, 2*MTG: Wall Of Deceit, MTG: Warped Researcher, 4*MTG: Mask of the Mimic, MTG: Graxiplon, MTG: Riptide Shapeshifter, MTG: Mistform Wakecaster, 2*MTG: Power Sink, MTG: Air Elemental, 2*MTG: Breakthrough, MTG: Dispersing Orb, MTG: Ray of Command, 4*MTG: Legacy's Allure, 3*MTG: Quash, 2*MTG: Reminisce, MTG: Metamorphose, MTG: Long-Term Plans, 3*MTG: Mistform Shrieker, MTG: Ghosthelm Courier, MTG: Diplomatic Escort, 2*MTG: Mistform Mutant, 3*MTG: Confiscate, 2*MTG: Propaganda, MTG: Opportunity, MTG: Relearn, 2*MTG: Zephid's Embrace, MTG: Volrath's Curse, MTG: Foil.

Green: MTG: Wanderlust, MTG: Thelon's Chant, MTG: Seton's Scout, 2*MTG: Serpentine Basilisk, MTG: Arrogant Wurm, MTG: Gempalm Strider, MTG: Broodhatch Nantuko, MTG: Wall of Brambles, 3*MTG: Invigorating Boon, 2*MTG: Kurgadon, MTG: Totem Speaker, MTG: Root Sliver, MTG: War Dance, 2*MTG: Splinter, MTG: Towering Baloth, MTG: Brontotherium, MTG: Chain of Acid, MTG: Tranquility, MTG: Venomspout Brackus, MTG: Tribal Unity, 3*MTG: Wirewood Channeler, 4*MTG: Explosive Vegetation.

Black: 2*MTG: Slithery Stalker, MTG: Aphetto Vulture, MTG: Boneshard Slasher, MTG: Skull Fracture, MTG: Cabal Slaver, foil MTG: Chain of Smog, MTG: Withering Hex, MTG: Aphetto Exterminator, MTG: Wall of Blood, MTG: Priest of Yawgmoth, 2*MTG: Pestilence, MTG: Skeletal Scrying, MTG: Reanimate, MTG: Diabolic Servitude, MTG: Grotesque Hybrid, 2*MTG: Death Pulse, 2*MTG: Prowling Pangolin, 2*MTG: Boneknitter, 4*MTG: Smother, MTG: Walking Desecration.

Red: MTG: Flamestick Courier, 2*MTG: Chain of Plasma, MTG: Earth Elemental, MTG: Fire Elemental, MTG: Dwarven Lieutenant, MTG: Threaten, MTG: Commando Raid, MTG: Aether Charge, 2*MTG: Pardic Collaborator, MTG: Snapping Thragg, MTG: Shaleskin Bruiser, MTG: Goblin Psycopath, MTG: Skirk Volcanist, MTG: Extra Arms, MTG: Fractured Loyalty, MTG: Rustmouth Ogre, 4*MTG: Firecat Blitz, 2*MTG: Warbreak Trumpeteer, 2*MTG: Fanning the Flames, MTG: Keldon Warlord, 3*MTG: Goblin Clearcutter, MTG: Wall of Razors, 6*MTG: Tahngarth's Rage, 4*MTG: Goblin Cadets, 3*MTG: Avalanche Riders.

Gold: 4*MTG: Flowstone Charger.


Will add this list sometime soon. (Only the good ones, obviously).

Blue: 2*MTG: Capsize.


Contact: Email tmg27, or below.

Discussion of 'Top 50 X' lists:

StuartFraser: owns the cards ranked 50, 47, 46, 19, and 15 in the "top 50 card drawing cards" list, and isn't using all of them. (Strangely, despite being a self-avowed white mage, I only have 45, 38, 29, 15, 9, 7, and 5 in White's list. Oh. Erm, maybe I have a few useful white cards, then.). Given that I've started doing this, I may as well also add I have 46, 28, 23, and 8 of the nonbasic lands.
TheInquisitor: Lets's play this game, too... Card drawing: 43, 37, 21, 19, 14, 10. White: 50, 38, 36, 34, 33, 32, 26, 21, 17, 12, 11, 7. Lands: 38, 37, 30, 28, 14, 5, 3, 2.

Proposed trades

AlanLawrence has an MTG: Glarecaster
I do want one of these, but observe that I'm not *that* desperate, and that it's not rated as a very good rare. Nonetheless, offers welcome.
[snipped]Well, sorry for calling you a red burn mage - clearly, your r/w weenies/speed/burn/thing deck has had the desired effect! :-). This is probably because I can't think I've played against your esoteric control deck(s) more than once....anyway, having thought about it a bit I think I'd like to trade the glarecaster for your MTG: Varchild's War-Riders, 'coz they are kinda interesting. I'm also interested in MTG: Avalanche Riders, and possibly also MTG: Confiscate and MTG: Rayne, Academy Chancellor, but those may have to wait until I have something more to offer you.
Mmmmm... *just* got that card, and want to see how it goes in either Slide or r/w cheap (must name that deck - will see what it contains when I'm done rebuilding first), since I also think it's interesting. Would happily trade Rayne for Glarecaster, if that seemed fair to you (AFAIK, you'd not be losing out on nominal monetary value). Sorry, rare list currently contains things I'm not really wanting to trade, since I have some deckbuilding to do. Should probably stop messing you around. -- TI (Who currently has built the following decks: R/W/G Slide, which is unquestionably control. W/U Unnatural Reflection which is combo/control with a major creature-hosing theme. W/U Birds lite, which admittedly isn't control, but a kamikazi inflating weenies deck. U Dream Halls, which is Draw, Go - with the addition of 4 Dream Halls, and some power-drawing, to utterly lock the game down (and should be rebuilt U/W and T1 legal sometime - after I get some MTG: Academy Rectors, in fact...). W Clerics, which at last count had won more games by resignation due to inevitable decking than by ny other means. I maintain that this makes me a ControlFreak?, or something similar.)
This last deck is the one that caused me to resign before decking while I had about half my library intact, and the possibility of a 97/97 trampling MTG: Heedless One, simply because I'd had two MTG: Wirewood Herald go the graveyard. --CH

ChrisHowlett: IOU 9C, UOI 1R.

Requiem: Interested in MTG: Mistform Skyreaver, MTG: Sliver Overlord, MTG: Petradon and, well, Slivers. The Balance is for trade; hell, I don't have a sensible use for it beyong sitting there and looking nice.
Well, I'd happily give you those three for the Balance - along with a free pick of any other slivers I have lying around (I don't use them for anything). Checking the pricelist linked from CategoryMtGTrades suggests that you wouldn't be getting the short end of that stick, price-wise - although it's not too far off even (I'm happy for you not to, given the obscurity of the card in question). Well, assuiming it's 4th ed - and I do recall it being white-bordered. Coming to GamesEvening? -- TI
Yup, should be.

FlameRider has an MTG: War Elemental if you still need one, and is very interested in an MTG: Upwelling.  I realise long distance trading can be a problem, but posting cards seems to have worked quite well so far. 


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