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This seems somewhat pointless, given my lack of proximity to ToothyWikizens. I'll update it whenever I'm going to be around magic players in a magic setting.


This needs to be updated at some point.

I have a binder, and some binder pages.
Cards marked * are, in the usual fashion, ones I'm thinking about using when I replenish my stock of RoundTuits

Cards listed in alphabetic order (except Unhinged, which follow each section in italics).




















No way. I have at least reached the "that's silly" threshold on commons.


Proposed Trades

FlameRider: Do you still have the MTG: Dragonstorm?  If so, do I have anything you want? 

Decks in Progress

This one never really got anywhere.

MTG: Meishin, the Mind Cage and MTG: Strange Inversion (plus arcane spells to splice it to). Add MTG: Burning Sands, and MTG: Dingus Staff. Probably want some means of guaranteeing the opponent has creatures, so perhaps MTG: Forbidden Orchard and MTG: Goblin Sharpshooter (something of a combo in itself). The orchard would also then allow some White enchants, such as MTG: Inheritance, or some Black stuff like MTG: Dross Harvester and MTG: Grim Feast.
Shame I have nearly none of those cards.
Interesting: this is similar to the combo people were discussing at (I think) GamesEvening, of MTG: Mannichi and MTG: Meishin. You do need a way of keeping Mannichi alive though (Or popping him back into play), as it's rather global. Strange Inversion or MTG: Dwarven Thaumaturgist is rather more targetted. But yes, the whole Sands / Staff / Orchard / Sharpshooter seems an excellent way of taking the idea and running with it. --AC

Black Flames or Undying Dawn

MTG: Undying Flames and MTG: Bringer of the Black Dawn? The deck would probably want to be 5-colour green, in order to cast the Bringer at a sensible time; running 4 copies also allows you to deal 27 damage in three turns once Flames is going!

Decklist, which may have warped a bit since writing.



Land(note that, strictly speaking, I only ever need 1 Swamp and 2 Mountains, ignoring MTG: Pentad Prism)

I have a MTG: Clearwater Goblet that I'd happily trade away if you need it. --qqzm
The Goblet has proved quite useful from time to time. I shall consider it. And update my trades at some point. --CH

Are you still trying to make this deck?  If so, I have two spare Kites going, if you still want them.  --FR

I traded for at least one Kite at Ravnica. I'll audit this deck at some point and let you know. And update my trades. --CH

My Affection

Combining Selesnya and Golgari saproling production cards with Golgari sac effects and MTG: Twilight Drover. This can do some truly sick things. In a game I played against myself last night, I got some tokens from a creature dying with MTG: Promise of Bunrei on the table. Thereafter, my tokens gang-blocked 4/3 and 5/4 beasts, before being sacrificed to MTG: Spawning Pit, putting +1/+1s on the Drover for more tokens later. A MTG: Woodwraith Corrupter then joined the fun, with its 4/4 mosters being sacced to MTG: Perilous Forays if they were going to die, triggering both parts of MTG: Savra in the process.

Since tweaked a bit, this now contains the requisite 4 MTG: Doubling Season, but could use more MTG: Spawning Pits. I've also swapped out the MTG: Shambling Shell for a MTG: Fecundity. MTG: Midsummer Revel might go well too...

In a single game, I have had out: 1/1 White spirits (flying), 1/1 White spirits (non-flying), 1/1 Green saprolings, a 3/3 Green elephant and 2/2 Artifact spawns. The deck is capable of producing: Elephants, saprolings, snakes, spawns, non-flying spirits, flying spirits and beasts. It gets a bit confusing at times!

Since the latest round of changes, this deck contains a 3-card infinite combo. Well, 3+(almost any other card in the deck), and two of the 3 main ones are one-of's, but hey.

Current deck list is - shall we say - non-optimal. I kinda want to send it to ChrisMillar?, but it wants to be cleaned up first. Suggestions? The land and mana-fixing is way off for one thing. Note that I don't want to lose any of the possible token types, and I'm more than happy to gain additional types (f'rinstace, 4/4 beasts to go with the 3/3 beasts).

Land (23):
Forest x13
Plains x8
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
Elfhame Palace

Creatures (11):
Belfry Spirit         
Twilight Drover x3
Civic Wayfinder         
Selesnya Guildmage     
Selesnya Evangel x2
Sekki, Season's Guide   
Orochi Eggwatcher x2

Other (26):
Scatter the Seeds x3
Call of the Herd       
Doubling Season x4
Selesnya Signet x2
Faith's Fetters         
Leyline of the Meek     
Midsummer Revel         
Promise of Bunrei       
Spawning Pit x2
Aura Shards
Symbiotic Deployment
Gaea's Anthem           
Fists of Ironwood       
Seed Spark               
Perilous Forays         
Blasting Station

Other rares for consideration: MTG: Mirari's Wake, MTG: Living Hive

Just to see, here is that list in alphabetical order, and with possible modifications to make it fit for the Auction of the People (italicised cards to be removed, bolded added; numbers of cards not considered). Thoughts on viability or other options welcomed.

Forest x13
Plains x8

MTG: Aura Shards
MTG: Belfry Spirit (or MTG: Brushland)
MTG: Blasting Station
MTG: Call of the Herd 
MTG: Civic Wayfinder
MTG: Doubling Season x4
MTG: Elfhame Palace
MTG: Faith's Fetters
MTG: Fecundity
MTG: Fists of Ironwood
MTG: Gaea's Anthem
MTG: Glare of Subdual
MTG: Harmonize (or MTG: Horizon Canopy)
MTG: Icatian Crier
MTG: Jedit Ojanen of Efrava
MTG: Kjeldoran Outpost
MTG: Leyline of the Meek     
MTG: Midsummer Revel   
MTG: Mobilization
MTG: Nacatl War-Pride (or MTG: Nemata, Grove Guardian)
MTG: Orochi Eggwatcher x2
MTG: Perilous Forays
MTG: Promise of Bunrei
MTG: Pendelhaven
MTG: Quiet Disrepair
MTG: Riptide Replicator (or MTG: Raise the Alarm if cheaper needed)
MTG: Scatter the Seeds x3
MTG: Seed Spark
MTG: Sekki, Season's Guide
MTG: Selesnya Evangel x2
MTG: Selesnya Guildmage 
MTG: Selesnya Signet x2
MTG: Spawning Pit x2
MTG: Symbiotic Deployment
MTG: Twilight Drover x3
MTG: Utopia Vow (or MTG: Urza's Factory or MTG: Urza's Bauble)
MTG: Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
MTG: Windswept Heath
MTG: Xantid Swarm
MTG: Yavimaya Elder
MTG: Zebra Unicorn

Count of token generators: 11 (10 types, including one "anything")

So... very oversubscribed on S's.

Of the multiple cards available for B, F, M, P & S, I'm unsure what would be best.

That list in CMC order.

Auction of the People Variant

MTG: Elfhame Palace x0
MTG: Kjeldoran Outpost x2
MTG: Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree x2
MTG: Pendelhaven x0
MTG: Windswept Heath x4
Forest x10
Plains x6

MTG: Xantid Swarm G x1
MTG: Essence Warden G x2

Total: 3
Coloured reqs: GGG

MTG: Aura Shards GW x1
MTG: Quiet Disrepair G x1
MTG: Spawning Pit x3
MTG: Utopia Vow G x1

Total: 6
Coloured reqs: GGG W

MTG: Call of the Herd  G x1
MTG: Icatian Crier W x1
MTG: Orochi Eggwatcher G x1
MTG: Promise of Bunrei W x1
MTG: Twilight Drover W x3
MTG: Yavimaya Elder GG x1

Total: 8
Coloured reqs: GGGG WWWWW  (+ GG WW abils)

MTG: Faith's Fetters W x3
MTG: Glare of Subdual GW x2
MTG: Harmonize GG x3
MTG: Leyline of the Meek WW x1
MTG: Zebra Unicorn GW x1

Total: 10
Coloured reqs: GGGGGGGGG WWWWWWWW (that's 11G, 8W)

MTG: Belfry Spirit WW x1
MTG: Doubling Season G x4
MTG: Midsummer Revel GG x1

Total: 6
Coloured reqs: GGGGGG WW (discount Revel's act cost)

MTG: Jedit Ojanen of Efrava GGG x1
MTG: Nacatl War-Pride GGG x1

Total: 2
Coloured reqs: GGGGGG

MTG: Riptide Replicator x1

Not a bad curve. With the cards shown, I can distribute 14 extra copies of non-land cards.

Grand total coloureds: 30G, 16W plus W/Kjeldoran? Outpost, WG/Vitu?-Ghazi

I've sent it in. Here's how I sold it to ChMi?:

"Obviously, this deck goes crazy with tokens. It can churn out a scarily large number of token creatures, especially once a Doubling Season gets on the board.

Spawning Pit and Doubling Season is probably the best "engine" in the deck, with the pair essentially reading "1: Put a 2/2 Spawn into play"; in fact, most of the cards get silly with a Season out. Nacatl War-Pride goes without saying, but Midsummer Revel is my favourite - for each turn you can keep it around, you get FOUR beasts!

The deck shouldn't fall over and die if you can't find a Season, though - for instance, Twilight Drover feeds off most of the other token-producers, including the War-Pride because of its unusual "leaves play" condition. Once you've got the board full, one of the pair of Glares should spell game over.

But forget all that. I love this deck because it can produce thirteen distinct token types. Better make sure you've got enough loose change to represent Saprolings, Bats, Elephants, Citizens, Cats (2/2 Forestwalking), Soldiers, Beasts, Cats (3/3 one-blockers), Snakes, Spirits (1/1 colourless), Spawns, Spirits (1/1 white flying), plus one creature type of your choice! And I reckon that's Just Cool."

Earth Tremors

...or the deck of the bouncing land. Inspired by a recent Three-Card Blind entry, another deck fragment for which I own very few of the key cards:

4x MTG: Azusa
4x MTG: Vinelasher Kudzu
4x MTG: Seed the Land
4x MTG: Lifegift
2x MTG: Stone-Seeder Hierophant (more if I can find a use for the mana)
?x MTG: Gush
?x MTG: Horn of Greed

4x MTG: Treva's Ruins
2x MTG: Oboro, Palace in the Clouds
some number of Karoo-style lands with G in
Sufficient Forests and Islands to provide bounce targets
Bouncy bouncy. How about MTG: Patron of the Moon and/or some other Soratami? --AC
A caballo. No, I don't expect anyone on this wiki to understand that (except a certain lurker), but the phrase "Bouncy bouncy" brings back memories. --PT
Have you considered things to put more land into play, prior to taking it out again?  I'm thinking of things like MTG: Budoka Gardener and MTG: Sakura-Tribe Scout.  --FR

Note - this idea deserves to be resurrected with Zendikar. --CH

Laundry list
This is the result of running "whenever.*land.*play", "whenever.*permanent.*play", "comes into play [on lands]", "owner's hand [on lands]" through CrystalKeep?. This search will be expanded (suggestions welcomed).

I own an MTG: Ornate Kanzashi, MTG: Muse Vessel, and MTG: Planeswalker's Mischief, together with several MTG: Fist o the Suns and some MTG: Ice Caves. Perhaps a deck that wroks by playing other people's spells. Although I'd need more ways to do it, I think.

I also have at least one MTG: Searing Meditation. It's one of four cards that have "Whenever you gain life" on them, all in RGW; perhaps a deck that works off those triggers? If I could shoe-horn Black in as well, I could also pay some of the life back out again for $effects.


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