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So this would involve the categories:

1) Corn-based

Corn Flakes
Honey-nut Corn Flakes
Special K


would it?  (CategoryAwfulPun)

No, silly, it's about comparing and contrasting the 1st and nth murders of a career.
Of any old career? Or just the careers of serial killers?  Looking at the typical UsedCarSalesman?'s 1st and nth murders could be interesting.  Or HypocriticalPoliticians.  --AlexChurchill
Or maybe dreadful first episodes of tv programmes.
*wonders the smiley for tongue in cheek*

See also CategoryRampantOverCategoriser. Would someone care to explain the difference?

A serial categoriser might be stealthy, or slow.  A rampant over categorier is clearly categorising things which do not need to be categorised (whereas a serial categoriser is merely continuously categorising things - perhaps things which need categorising)

A rampant over categoriser has more vavavoom or maybe more je ne sais quoi.

No. surely surreal categorisers are just ordering surreal categories

''From What? Why?

From the neverending category stor-e


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