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RampantOverCategoriser: someone who wants to know how many different people have written to ToothyWiki, and discovers that clicking on CategoryHomepage gives him the answer "five", which, true or not, is not consistent with RecentChanges. He then proceeds to pollute both RecentChanges and CategoryHomepage in a futile, quixotic, MinistryofTruth-like effort to make the two counts agree.

Guess I ought to admit here:

Vitenka is also involved in the perpetual fight to bring order to the chaos that is ToothyWiki and its inhabitants.

Just not on the same side as MoonShadow ;)

I have also been known to try to keep things categorised - how could any RampantOverCategoriser fail to put CategoryRampantOverCategoriser in CategoryCategory?? :-) -- Hawk

When you get InTheZone, though, it's a bit like playing ApplesToApples - should the PointAtMinusInfinity be in CategoryPlace?  Should 2002 be in CategoryMaths?  Will MoonShadow mind if I keep refreshing the [full list of links] in an effort not to miss a possibly-categorisable page? --M-A


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