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Is there any other kind?
Yes - UnsuccessfulPoliticians?
Only after they quit politics...
Then they are no longer politicians. There is probably an Elaborate StateDiagram that shows the passing between naive youngster to uncaught candidate to lying scheming toerag, but its probably a state secret. --Garbled

Always the optimist, AlexChurchill hopes that there is some other kind of politican.  If that's not the case, then anyone good-intentioned who enters politics instantly becomes hypocritical simply by doing so?
(If people try to bring in the point that "everyone is hypocritical anyway" here, AC will point out that the general intention of the comments above certainly isn't using the word "hypocritical" in that way.)
Gah, can't think of a way to put this snappily.  There exists a viewpoint that all problems are caused by HypocriticalPoliticians.  Given that, then attempting to become a politician means collaborating with the enemy and thus being hypocritical yourself (since change from within never actually happens, let alone works, hello MisterBlair, this is the international community calling on behalf of reality)  Aaanyway..  I've got to get back to stealing peoples tinfoil hat liners.  --Vitenka


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