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My Gorgonzola reigns supreme!

But I have the Camembert of victory!

It is no match for the DoubleGloucester? of recalcitrance!

I refute your victory with the Cheddar of tactics!

My Edam will stop you delaying my plans for global domination!

Is that the EdamOfMassDestruction??

Er, it might be....

Cheese!  You're using CheeseTactics?!  Cheesemonger!


And here was me just referring to CustardMoonboots's quote from [22nd July 2000]:
Dance the dance of the many cheeses! Shake that Brie! Move that Cheddar! Spin on your head like a really strange piece of Red Leicester...

To leave an unreified link like DanceOfTheManyCheeses lying around is just too tempting on a bored afternoon... ;-)  --Jumlian

OH MY! Here I am browsing toothywiki when I find a page dedicated to a quote I made a many years ago... The dance of the many cheeses... LOL.. Thankfully I am no longer as silly... and thusly I would now include a Cheshire cheese Cha-cha-cha --Whistway (AKA CustardMoonboots)

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See also: ArmsRace, WhatIsCheese

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