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n. mathematician (Cantab.)

Very weird. --AR

Thankyou *bows* --Kazuhiko (of course, I've probably been disqualified by now)

I was right *sigh*, I have been disqualified.  *mutters darkly about not being able to integrate his way out of a wet paper bag* --Kazuhiko

Count as XScis, if only by association.

A link to this [mathmo test] deserves to go here, I think. --Tim

Might as well put scores up as well, in descending order of score (thereby screwing up the sequence of one-line comments; sorry):

47 --PeterTaylor (Although it occurs to him that he should point out that he's an honorary Trinity MathMo).
41 --Angoel
41 --MoonShadow (sweatdrop)
Hmm. 37. And I'm not even a MathMo --Admiral
AlexChurchill got 37 also. Congratulations, Admiral! - although a large number of the questions would apply to CompScis as well.
37 --Requiem (I blame hanging around with you lot... and I swear I'm not a MathMo.)
36 --CorkScrew - blatantly a mathmo. And this test score improves every time I take it, which is deeply worrying...
36 --PercySnoodle - 6/7ths the mathmo I once was.
35 --Lmm, mathmo
34 --ChrisHowlett - definitely a mathmo, but occasionally wishes he scored higher.
33 --M-A (who got 23 last time she took this, which prompted the comment "But... I *am* a MathMo!")  Hah, my geekiness is increasing.
33 --Naath, not a mathmo, honest. (no fair about the hair... it doesn't get cut!)
32 --Senji (Down from last time I did it!)
32 --Edwin , who feels that the coffee/tea question unfairly discriminates against mathmos who take their caffeine in a different form
31 --Edith (Although to be fair I had to a approximate my mug to a cup)
31 --Bobacus (slightly disappointed how low I am compared to other wikizens, though I suppose I have been corrupted by RealLife too much :-) )
30 --StuartFraser is not a MathMo
29 --Kitiara - And I don't even know what MathMo means
28 --Hawk - And I am having had been a MathMo, but am now more of a CompSci.  And I should be asleep.
27 --Gwyntar - And I am a MathMo.
26 --Nat - married to a MathMo
26 -- ViciousFish
23 -- Rachael, disappointed
20-ish -- NickTaylor, feeling a little out of place
20 --PaulPower - Maybe this is why I only got a third last year.
14 --Emperor - I find myself somewhat pleased by this :)
12 -- King DJ I'm surprised I didn't get higher.
11 --Nagi
7 --AngelaRayner :-)

(Longer) Comments:

ViciousFish once participated in an experiment at the Centre of Speech and Language studies which involved pressing buttons according to whether words which came up on a screen were abstract concepts ( eg justice, dignity) or concrete things (table, cloud). One of the words which came up was 'ring'. I improved my mathmo score by 1 that day.
Let me see. There's the concrete (e.g. thing which a BestMan? is terrified of losing), the abstract (e.g. mathematical definition), and the "I'm not sure" (e.g. a telephone ring).
I think the telephone ring is concrete -- Senji
Silly. If it was made of concrete, you wouldn't be able to hear it properly - CorkScrew
I can hear concrete things perfectly well, thank you. --Requiem
It rings cos it contains an electric buzzer inside it. Concrete doesn't conduct, so the concrete buzzer on your concrete phone wouldn't work. QED. - CorkScrew
I can hear it perfectly well. It just isn't making any noise. --Requiem

A mathematician was sleeping at a hotel when the fire alarm suddenly went off. He sprang out of bed and opened the door. Out in the hallway, he saw smoke coming out from under a door to the left. To the right, he saw an emergency exit.

Satisfied that a solution existed, he went back to bed.

Where can you find MathMos? Only at [Emma].
Come to Emma, we've got MathMos.

Where can you find CompScis? Only at Emma.
Got MathMos and CompScis, only at Emma!

Forget Churchill!

Emma, oh Emma...
Where the graphs are...
and the Lemma!

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