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This page refers to the new ComputerLab at the GatesBuilding (CB3 0FD ). Graduate CompScis think of the ComputerLab as being at the NewMuseumsSite? ([Cockcroft 4]), but no CompScis have been stationed there for some time now.
With the exception of Frank King, who still lives in the tiny room at the end of Cockcroft 4. It is also still used for first year hardware practicals.
CockcroftFour??  Humbug.  I still miss the big xterm in three.  --Vitenka

The ComputerLab is the home of all those layabout CompSci geeks who roll out of bed at 10:00 and curse the fact that lectures have moved about 30 mins west of where they were when they picked where to sleep.

Interesting features of the architecture:

The floor tiles in the street are not just random - translations include a computer virus, a message from a l33t h4x0r, and the answer to life the universe and everything.
It's easy to figure out - for a CompSci. Of course, it helps that I'm good at pattern recognition and binary, and know some ASCII codes; e.g. capital letters.

The common room at the back of the building contains another code - the punchcards that were the bootloader for an ancient computer. Sadly there was a mistranscription and the code contains a bug.

The roof is apparently built to stand 50mph gusts of wind (or so said the architect), and as anyone who has ever cycled up the CotonCyclePath? can vouch, its far more windy that than up there.

The building is also known as Big Bills Building (b^3) or the WilliamGates? the Third building, but ComputerLab is a lot easier to say.
Or the CL.
Or the Hell Mouth...

One of the student papers (I think TheCambridgeStudent?) ran an article at the end of Easter term 2002 saying that the CL had won an architecture prize. I wanted to write and say "That's very nice, but what on Earth was the building in the picture accompanying your article", but I doubt they'd have published the letter and an answer at the start of Michaelmas, and I wouldn't have been around to read it anyway.

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