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Several ToothyWikizens have created their own puzzles in the style of the [CISRA] ones:

qqzm's Puzzles

Now on PuzzleBunny, [here] --qqzm

Rachael's CISRA-Style Puzzles

[RC-1 Positions] Solved by AC with 2 hints. Solved by #Kazu with 1 hint (the second one given to AC).
[RC-2 Addition (and taking away)] (updated) Solved by AC with no hints. Solved by #Kazu with no hints.
[RC-3 Casablanca] Solved by #elliott / AC, with 2 hints.
[RC-4 Liberal Sprinkling] Solved by #elliott with no hints
Hints available on request

AlexChurchill's CISRA-Style Puzzles

 Puzzle:                     Quality:      Difficulty:       Legwork:            Solved By:          Hints:
[AC.1 Additionally]          4/5            2/5              2/5                R, CH              1
[AC.2 Rose]                  3/5            5/5              5/5                #kazu              3
[AC.3 Weakening]              3/5            2/5              1/5                R, #kazu            1
[AC.4 Wordfit]                1/5            3/5              2/5                #kazu              2
[AC.5 Uniting]                4/5            3/5              2/5                #kazu
[AC.6 Encoding]              3/5            1/5              4/5                #kazu
[AC.7 Inspection]            4/5            2/5              3/5                qqzm, CH
[AC.8 Dungeon]                4/5            3/5              5/5                qqzm, CH            2
[AC.9 Tubular]                5/5            4/5              4/5                #elliott            1
[AC.10 Divine Appointment]    4/5            3/5              2/5                #elliott            2
[AC.11 Baseline]              3/5            1/5              2/5                #kazu
[AC.12 Space Station]        3/5            3/5              3/5                #elliott            1
[AC.13 Orange]                3/5            2/5              2/5                #elliott
[AC.14 First Variant]        5/5            3/5              1/5                #elliott
[AC.15 Matrix]                4/5            3/5              3/5                #elliott
[AC.16 Heads & Tails]        4/5            4/5              3/5                qqzm, Rachael      1

 Puzzle:                     Quality:      Difficulty:       Legwork:        Hints:
[AC.17 Animal Farm]          3/5            3/5              1/5 
[AC.18 Long Range Communications] 4/5        4/5              2/5               

Quality is AC's purely-subjective rating of how well it works as a puzzle. This is distinct from difficulty, which should be reasonably clear, and legwork, which is the amount of time the puzzle might take not counting time to figure out what needs doing: legwork 1/5 is "just a few leaps of intuition", legwork 5/5 is "this will take a lot of doing even if you know what you're doing".

ChrisHowlett's Puzzles

[CH-1 Make Finer Finest] (hard) - Solved by #Kazu with 3 hints.
[CH-2 Representative] (easy) - solved by #kazu with no hints.
[CH-3 Go With The Flow] (medium) - solved by #kazu with 3 hints.
[CH-4 Critical Juncture] (medium) - solved by #kazu with no hints. (note: the bold-edged boxes are accidental)
[CH-5 Flat Pack] (difficulty 2/5, legwork 3-4/5) - Now updated to be more correct. Solved by MaxDymond with no hints.
[CH-6 Canonical] (difficulty 2/5, legwork 2-3/5) - solved by Qqzm (with initial help from #elliott) with 1 hint (and a slight hint-to-the-hint)
[CH-7 Shields] (difficulty 2/5, legwork 3/5) - Solved by #elliott with no hints

MoonShadow's vague attempts

MS.1 (easy) - Solved by #Kazu in a couple of minutes with no hints.
MS.2 - Solved by CH, AC, Qqzm (only with help from AC)

MaxDymond's vaguer attempts

[MD-1 A Kind of Period] - Solved by #Kazu with hints.
[MD-2 Ils Ne Font Rien] - Solved by qqzm with no hints. Solved by CH, AC (and probably #Kazu) with some hints.
[MD-3 _Dings?] - Solved by CH, qqzm, AC and R.

I wonder if we could give, or even sell, some of these to CISRA for future years? --Rachael
That's an interesting thought. I'd be happy for mine to be submitted except that B1 probably needs redoing to remove the images to which I don't own the copyright, and I'm sure that between us we can improve the clues for the couple on D1 that people didn't manage to get. --qqzm
Having put them online on a public website already would probably disqualify these particular ones from being used. But I could well see us offering our services as a puzzle-writing team with these as our portfolio :) --AlexChurchill

SeeAlso: [Sydney University Maths Society puzzle hunt], [mezzacotta Puzzle Competition] (by the same people as the CiSRA? one).


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