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An anime - well, several anime. The one WednesdayAnime have watched is seasons 1 and 2 of /LelouchOfTheRebellion?. There also exists /SuzakuOfTheCounterattack? (an alternate universe manga spinoff with Suzaku as a masked crime-fighter) and /NightmareOfNunnally? (an alternate universe manga spinoff where Nunnally gets geass power and becomes a mecha pilot), as well as several manga and novels.

The main character, Lelouche Lamperouge, is a [VillainProtagonist] of the highest order, joining Light Yagami from DeathNote. But because of his audacity, vision, noble aims (well... sometimes, and even then, heck does he believe TheEndsJustifyTheMeans?), and [Chessmaster]-like manipulation and [prediction of what other characters will do]), he's a very charismatic and fun protagonist to watch, even as you're wincing at what he gets up to next.

The series crams together many different elements, including mecha, politics, HighSchoolRomance, rivalry, royalty, revenge, terrorism, giant pizzas, mind control, clever tricks, crazy technology, and large huggable cheese pillows.

The character designs were by CLAMP.




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