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A term used to refer to CambridgeUniversity students who take that first-year course known as Mathematics With Computer Science.  It simultaneously reflects the way such a person is torn between being a CompSci and a MathMo, and also their frequent SpacedOut?-ness. 

It does not imply any CosMo-politan nature, and should not be taken as such.

AlexChurchill invented the term during his first year at Cambridge, when he was one. 
Wow, that's very impressive. I was seventeen in my first year and I thought I was precocious. --Rachael
Ah. The two of you really do deserve each other. -- a possibly jealous SF
However, it's very possible other people have also invented it without having heard it from him, possibly before he invented it at all.

We briefly invented it in Oct '96, but then abandoned it in embarrassment :-) -- Senji

It should be noted that being a MathMo or a CompSci is a state of mind not of course. For example, I would class myself as a CompSci studying maths more than as a MathMo. It's a funny old world -- CorkScrew


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