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In its early stages CosPlay manifests itself in a simple desire to dress up like your favourite character from your favourite anime/show/series/universe.

Left unchecked or aided by other, similarly minded, individuals it can rapidly reach quite advanced levels involving multiple costumes per convention (a CosPlayers natural habitat), costumes that are actually of higher quality than clothing bought from shops and, ultimately, WorldDomination.

In Japan, even [pets] have coplaying inflicted on them.

How did you find out about our plans?  You must choose--join us or perish.  Incidentally, the above is not true for *all* cosplayers... there are those who can stop.  The rest of us are CrackAddicts?. - Nataku

Perhaps most accurately summarised by cosplay

Reason #241 why CosPlayers are scary:

Yay! --Edith

Reason #372 why CosPlayers are scary:
http://okap - kig .hp.info seek .co.jp/MyuMyu?/030119/08.jpg
From http://home.att.ne.jp/sun/oka-p/ .  (See [- kig .hp.info seek .co.jp/200307.html here], and scroll to the bottom, to the pictures. Yes, that's a real person.)
Link broken (thank goodness!)  --Vitenka

This page has been linked to from [this] webchat (about a quarter of the way down at time of writing). Any budding readers of Japanese care to have a go at explaining what is being said about us?

Go go AutomaticTranslation?!  This should be funny... 
With empty weed GO! Is. With ?
In birthplace inserting with a ?
Given the UserAgent? strings, I think it's a trackback form - we went there, so they came back.  --Vitenka

I see your CosPlayCafe? and raise you... [cos play BAR]

950lxn hi! hice site!--218.75.123.xxx
Err, thanks? DR can't work out if the above comment which zeroed the page was spam or not, so has left it here for now.
Oh blimey, and now I've had to break the infoseek URLs because they are blocked by:
  Problematic site(s): okap - kig .hp.info seek .co.jp
  Posting host: user-5af27e4f.tcl123.dsl.pol.co.uk
to unbreak, remove the space before .co.jp
Gah!  And
 Problematic site(s): okap - kig .hp.info
Posting host: user-5af27e4f.tcl123.dsl.pol.co.uk
this is more hassle than it is worth.  In a moment I'm just going to give up on helping with spam reversion.  MoonShadow, please simplify this process!--DR

Do not see also: CrossPlay
CategoryAnime (ish) (usually)

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