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Someone lost in sunny places, with tendencies towards fanfics, dance, spicy food, pretty boys, and shounen manga.  Half of the award-winning CosPlay group TinkerStitch? and a member of the SCA, which contrary to her husband Kazuhiko's beliefs does not stand for "Silly Cretins in Armor."
So, um - what DOES it stand for?  --Vitenka
Society for Creative Anachronism... - Kazuhiko
You've got to love the way they divide the world up into kingdoms. On the one hand, you have a kingdom containing "Majority of Florida, Panama, and Antarctica." On the other, one containing "Europe, Africa, Middle East".
Re: Awards, but I couldn't fit it in above - many DancingRodents :)  What precisely did you win this time? - SunKitten
This time?  Honorable Mention Group Construction for variants on the Suzaku (me) and Seiryuu (my partner) priestesses from FushigiYuugi?.  Picture at http://www.anime-expo.org/cosplay/ax2003_masqwin.html.  For those who know me IRL and choose to take a gander, I'm the one wearing the dark wig.  My own family didn't recognize us with the hair color changes. ^^;; - Nataku
Yes, this time as opposed to last year's AXNY :) Cool - SunKitten

Someone who has B.A.s in English and Japanese and thus effectively no marketable job skills.  Nonetheless, she is attempting to pursue a career in a degree-related field, while also working on a novel.
Bobbins.  A vast number of businesses are in the market for translation services.  --Vitenka

Cosplay gallery (currently with costumes from only the last two years) located [here].
Oh, I *love* the Clover cosplay - gorgeous ^^ - SunKitten


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