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He's the greatest secret agent in the world...

One of the cartoons that really cemented CosgroveHall's reputation.

Five minute long segments, run daily, with each weeks set making up an episode.

A wonderful spoof of every spy thriller ever created - with a nod to 'dangerman' of course.

A special classic of its era, it has that wonderful sense of being funny on two levels.  It's funny when dangermouse is sarcastic, and it's funny when you're all grown up and you actually recognise the innuendo.

And, of course, it willfully smashes holes in the fourth wall - with dangermouse often berating the narrator.  And frequently using the 'only one thing can save us now' 'what's that?' 'the end of episode three' schtick.

Goodness only knows how many series of this there were - I know of at least three distinct theme tunes.

Somewhat marvellously, DangerMouse and his (not-most-prominent) enemy CountDuckula were both voiced by the DavidJason?, of OnlyFoolsAndHorses? (among other stuff, of course) fame.

CountDuckula went on to get his own show, which someone really should reify.  Oooh yes, I completely forgot that CountDuckula started his unlife on DangerMouse.

I have a DVD with some random episodes on.  Yay!
Any chance of a DangerMouse marathon some time?
Sure, come down to Soton.  I now have three such DVDs ;)  --Vitenka

Due to Birthday, I now have all of the episodes, and am in .cam.... --Vitenka (includes some Duckula...)


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