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Well, are you? I'm not.

But a guy who is DaveGorman set out with his flatmate to find lots of namesakes. And did some very silly things along the way, recorded in humorous fashion in the book, "Are you DaveGorman?", by DaveGorman and Danny Wallace.

He also has an annoying TV spot, which seems to be pretty much the same as his StageShow? - where, yes, he tracks down DaveGorman and does some basic statistics.  Oddly, I do kinda know a DaveGorman.  --Vitenka

A funny guy on stage, but gives the impression of being a total wanker that you really wouldn't want to be friends with in real life. Out of a huge wankerishness that could have been a crippling personality deficit, however, he has managed to forge a career, which is a reasonably impressive achievement. - PlasmonPerson
One could also ask whether all the actors who play, say, Hamlet, are idecisive idiots?  --Vitenka (But yes, good description of his stage persona - he's very much trying too hard to be funny and liked, and partially you end up laughing at him)


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