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'The touching tale of an anime geek and the woman he stalks' - apparently, this is a very sweet story, and everyone who saw it has emerged gushing about how wonderful it is. Live action Japanese TV.

It's also a story about online communities - the way this otaku is encouraged and cheered on by the people of 2channel is something practically never seen before on-screen.

[Look what I found] --Vitenka

Apparently, [this is a translation] of the original manga, of the original 2-chan conversation that started this whole madness off! Additionally, [this site] gives some info on the cast members. [Finally], the offical website - but it's in Japanese only, sorry. Also, wallpapery [goodness]. --Macloud

more mina-san silliness - obviouly someone didnt get the memo telling them that the series wasnt real...
again, both are in japanese -soss macloud

The title of the series is Getsumen Usagi Heiki Mina I think. --Steve

[Character Index] - [On Gonzo] - [On Anime News Network]

[Domo arigato, Mr. Robot]

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