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This might be a good place to ask:
Is there really a third episode?  I've heard rumours, but have never seen any substatiation.
Not AFAIK - MoonShadow
Nope, but I have heard that a company has picked up the rights to do it. However, nothing is forthcoming as yet...

Anyhow.  A half dragon (her father, a DragonSlayer? wasn't terribly good at his job) in FantasyLand runs around being very very very silly.  She's a typical teenager, hopelessly in love with an idol singer, desperate for concert tickets, fire breathing monster slayer...

Anyhow.  Spoilers aside, it's a comedy.  Its signature touch is that characters switch to and from chibi form without warning.  Often mixing animation styles whilst in the same frame, and using 'become chibi' as a combat dodge.

The ending theme has to be heard to be believed.
Surely that is disbelieved?
A dynamo attached to Beethoven's corpse could probably power a small city if the closing theme were played anywhere nearby :)
[Closing Theme Lyrics] - because a searcher wanted them.  --Vitenka

Possibly one of the funniest anime ever made. - Tsunami


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