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Japanese for "little".

Some people use this term for superdeformed versions of comic, Manga or [Anime] characters.
What's the difference between 'chibi' and 'SD' (Super-Deformed), then?  --AlexChurchill
Chibi, as it says in the line above, is a Japanese word meaning "small", and commonly used for that by RealPeople. The usage described here is an abuse by otaku of this word. Super-Deformed is a made-up English phrase not generally used for anything else. - MoonShadow

[What is a 'chibi'?]

Short, stocky version of character drawn that way for comic effect. Think visual equivalent of footnote in a TerryPratchett book. - MoonShadow
Uh, WebComics use them a lot - usually little authors with rapidly moving fists flailing at their plot.  They're used in anime/manga to show 'inner thoughts' or to show the reaction of a character who is currently off camera.  Anyhow, DragonHalf doesn't use them that way.

Which WebComics? Could you link to a strip which has one in?

Um - WorkSafetyWarning? - most of these comics may be dark.  Jack for gore and violence, and Tang for bad bust size jokes.

No direct strip link, but [StarFire Studios] tend to use them.  Oh, and [here's a forum thread with some more] (compare to the regular appearances in [Jack][SuperDeformers] uses almost nothing but and [SuperMegaTopia] has quite a few too (check the DarkPlush? storyline)  Heh.  Does that makes up for me forgetting to update the WebComic page for a while, QuiAff??

[This] is a chibi I use as an avatar, although it's a bit small to be an example - SunKitten
'Kawaiii! :) - Kazuhiko

Best example would probably be if someone could find a WebComic strip that contains both a chibi and a regular version of recognisably the same character.. - MoonShadow
Tang's comic did this recently, look back about a month in the archive.  [Tang] [Not the same page, but the top left guy being thrown away versus his appearance at other times]
Alternatively, check the toothycat more page for some chibi and non-chib pictures of the RPG crew, I believe - Kazuhiko
If I understand correctly, [8-Bit Theater] uses the device a fair bit. A recent example would seem to be [here]. -ChrisHowlett
But isn't that how Fighter and the others always look?
Yes.  He's referencing the small black mage, bottom middle, between panels.  Though you can hardly tell the 'style' of chibi from such graphics.
Oops, I really should have said that, shouldn't I? --CH

[And another one (the little ones with the signs)]

[The things on the cover of this horribly evil idea for a game.]

The little icons at the end of a ToothyCat AMV are Chibi as well - are they in the gallery somewhere?

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