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A ComputerGame by Microsoft.

Take a game that plays like Diablo, feels like Baldur'sGate2 and looks like NeverwinterNights.

Then add some ridiculous hats and the ability to have a donkey in your party.

That's DungeonSiege.

Requiem disputes that any game without a plot can feel like Baldur's Gate 2. He does, however, agree with the silly hats and the donkey.
I said, 'feels like'.  I was referring to the gameplay aspect, including the amount of control you have over every member of the party.  I agree, the plot is pretty much non-existant, but in some ways I prefer it to NeverwinterNights, even though it's not technically D&D.  --FR
Fair enough. I dislike D&D but prefer NWN to DS because the former has at least an attempt at a plot. I'd say "plays like a cross between Diablo and Baldur's Gate, feels like the former, wants to be the latter, looks like NWN", myself. --Requiem
I prefer DS to NWN for pretty much the same reason. DS doesn't pretend to be anything but a linear dungeon crawl in which lots of things die and you get lots of silly equipment, it require tactical combat and healthy amounts of micromanagement. NWN engaged my imagination and desire for something more, something with plot and story and adventure and interesting ideas and then fed it a series of endless and pointless McGuffin hunts with occasional bits of meaningless angst. I got bored. --Edith
And recently completed.  So, yes, there is no plot.  Yes, the hats remain silly.  Yes, in the end I found it unfortunate that I had a mule, because it made all the dramatic cutscenes look silly. 
Still, it is a lot of fun.  I might see if I can take my character from this game and start the single player again, this time using a different skill.  --FR
You'd win horribly easily with your massive hit point / mana point total and level. --Requiem
I was thinking "As if you didn't win easily enough the first time." I got as far as Chapter 3 and got bored, I admit. It doesn't even have as much plot as Diablo II, let alone RPGs that are worthy of the name. Heck, it only barely has more plot than NetHack. --SF
It would seem obvious from his comments that FR doesn't mind the absence of plot, and finds it a lot of fun for other reasons. But I'd imagine that the ease of winning could interfere with any fun that came from actual challenge or difficulty; there might well be fun to be obtained from the mechanics of playing the game, however. --AC (who's never played DS)



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