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Should this be NeverWinterNights??  Oh well.
No. The abbreviation may be NWN, but it is the Nights assosciated with the city of Neverwinter.

A ComputerGame based upon another much older ComputerGame based upon a PencilAndPaper? RolePlayingGame.

From BioWare? - makers of many famously good RPGs.  This one has many features.

All of these (except the last) are true.  None of them really worked.  IMHO of course (That's Vitenkas HO), but the big question being asked while they talked about the game was "So - how on earth are you going to bring it all together and make it accessible to the GM in RealTime??"  and "What kind of models have you set up to enable extremely rapid devolpment of RealTime? content?"  The answer was "Wait and see" and later the answer was "We didn't."  You can take over a creature - ONE creature at a time.  You can type.  You can pause the game and drop pregens into an area.  That's it.  Anything else has to be scripted in advance.  Some people are, slowly, writing better systems for giving an 'admin interface' onto creatures (enabling you to rapidly change the partameters of their AI) but this work is nowhere near finished.  May as well stick to IRC - less pointless combats that way too.

CH finished the original game in September, 9 months after purchase. He's now fighting his way through the expansion. The Single Player campaign is actually quite good.
While I felt the single player campaign was good, I thought it was a little simple; I think the thing it's best for is creating your own models, as evidenced by Requiem's brother's (my best friend's) module, Danaston's Plight.  If you want plot I'm reliably informed that Planescape: Torment is hard to beat, while for best all  round (not to mention biggest) game of this style, try Baldur's Gate 2.  Also, while I'm sure the expansion pack's addon where you can control your henchman's inventory is good, I found it just made the game more complex and unwieldly.  I think I prefered it when you could just hire a henchman and then pretty much leave them to do their thing.  --FR
Unless the game has markedly improved - their thing is to run off and get killed.  I agree that the aim of the game was multiplayer modules and on the fly game creation - but I find it failed miserably.  Has the user community really fixed all this?  --Vitenka

Requiem's view. The single player game has a cliched, melodramatic plot with several gaping holes and bugs - which is still interesting and fun to play through. Even though you're utterly railroaded (more so than in the other Bioware games). It's quite possible to walk off into the sunset with three separate people, and the romance plots are written with the expectation of a male phayer playing a male character only. The campaign is not balanced from a game perspective, either - if one does all the side-quests, the game becomes rather easy beyond a certain point. The interface, though 3D, is a step backwards from previous games; D&D is based on the model of a party of four to eight, and the 'main character plus one AI henchman' doesn't work at all. The henchman AI varies between 'average' and 'poor' - why they didn't just let the player control the henchman as well as their own character, I'll never know. The module creation tool allows one to create Hack And Slash modules (like my brother's) with little thought, and reasonably thinky ones with more thought and programming skill. There are some rather good third-party modules out there, but they suffer a bit from the fact that the game doesn't allow a real party to be formed in single-player mode. People wishing to play a computer roleplaying game with a strong story are best off looking at PlanescapeTorment - one of the best games of all time in any genre, in my opinion - Vampire: Bloodlines and Knights of the Old Republic I / II. Those wishing to partake in D&D-based hack 'n' slash on a computer are best served by Baldur's Gate II - this also has a melodramatic, cliched plot, but at least you can't end up accidentally becoming a bigamous homosexual bounder when all you meant to do was take an interest in the welfare of your friends. It's also very, very long (together with the expansion, it takes one from level 7 to level 30 or so over about a hundred hours of play).

Vaguely comical modules available [here].  --FR


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