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Players of ElementalOblivion are mages with varying skill at controlling the 4 elements:
    * E = Earth
    * A = Air
    * F = Fire
    * W = Water
the following list gives: initial octet, player name, player contact details

First six players
EEEEAAAA = Douglas Reay    = douglasr@chiark.greenend.org.uk
EEEEFFFF = Kazuhiko
I am FarAway? and have no play experience with games that involve the 'create your own rule' aspect.  If this is likely to be a problem, especially since the game is sort of in testing at the moment, feel free to rule me out
By no means. Join us, help us find bugs in the rules.  Nomics are fun whether or not you have any experience of them.
EEEEWWWW = Tom Garnett = tmg27@cam.ac.uk
AAAAFFFF = Louise Burfleet = burflel@chiark.greenend.org.uk
AAAAWWWW = Senji = jdamery@chiark.greenend.org.uk
FFFFWWWW = AlexChurchill
Further combinations if required

Are the octets given here intended as examples, or as the only ones available?
Presumably they are limiting the combinations so that balance is achieved if all slots are taken.  This does however go against rule 39 so I'm not sure. --Kazuhiko
This is true. However if, say, we decide to start with a number of players other than 6 or 15 then the initial pawn allocations should be adjusted so that there are (2 x #players) of each pawn present.  --AC

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