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Mostly Harmless
Land of Hope and Glory?

Contrary to the understanding of many from overseas (and indeed a regrettable number of her own natives), not synonymous with GreatBritain or the UnitedKingdom.  May be geographically defined (roughly) as that part of the island of GreatBritain east of a line from Chester to Bristol and south of a line from the tip of the Solway Firth to Berwick-upon-Tweed, along with those offshore islands (except the IsleOfMan) facing the coasts of this portion.  Some would contest that west of the river Tamar (Cornwall) ought also not to be included. <controversy><TIC>Since much of what lies beyond these boundaries is devoid of people, infested by sheep and mosquitoes and <PCKB>rain</PCKB>, there's not usually much reason to go beyond them.</TIC></controversy>  And we're not jealous of the scenery, honest.
AlexChurchill wonders what on earth the PCKB there is about. Google can only suggest it's a PC Keyboard or a Primary Care Knowledge Base, neither of which seem particularly likely...
(PeterTaylor) Surely you want to exclude the ChannelIslands? too?
They don't really face the coasts of the island of GreatBritain, being closer to France?. -- Senji

Contains Cambridge. Home of the ChurchOfEngland.


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