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E's Otherwise.

About espers, called nouryoku-sha in the subs. I'm not sure what that actually translates to.

Pretty much it translates to "espers."  "sha" is person, "ryoku" is power, and "nou" is... hmm, difficult to translate, but "special" comes closest in this case.  So, "a person with special powers."  And it shows what kind of manga I read that I know this.  Incidentally, though I don't own it, the E's manga is pretty.--Nataku
Yes, we have it - it's why we started watching the anime :) - SunKitten

That is indeed an impressive and/or entertaining piece of vocab to have :)  But I'm getting mental doubletake syndrome here.  Are the words "ESP-er" ("an ee-ess-pee-er" = "someone with ESP") and "esper" the same word? I recall things like FinalFantasy 6 using "esper" to mean a non-human magical being... are these just different uses of the same word?  --AC
ESP-er is a made-up word that the Final Fantasy translators, in a fit of Humpty-Dumptyness, took and made up a separate extra meaning for. It's not a word you will find in a dictionary. So the question of whether the two are the same word is academic - it's a bit like asking whether the word "quozl" I use is the same as the word "Quozl" that Alan Dean Foster uses. HTH, HAND - MoonShadow
OK, makes sense, sortof :)  --AC

Doubletake again. Nataku-sama edited this at 9am? Does that make it 4am your time?!?  --AC
Eight hours' difference.  1am. --Nataku
Ah, fair enough. I couldn't remember which coast you were on, and most of my real-time dealings with US-based people is with those in Boston.  That makes a bit more sense. Although ISTR you claiming nocturnalness, and I wouldn't particularly put it past most of the regulars here to make Wiki edits at 4am...  --AC
I am nocturnal, but Kazuhiko gets annoyed at me if I stay up too late. --Nataku
:p --Kazuhiko

It's an interesting series - it starts off fairly average, and gets pretty good around episode 5. Angst is present, although not overabundant. There are a couple of filler episodes, but they're amusing and tolerable.

The story follows an esper named Kai Kudou, who is brought to Ashurum - a large corporation that trains espers (not sure if it's governmental or not) with his little sister Hikaru, who is very ill and spends all her time in the Ashurum hospital. Kai's work, I think, is supposed to be at least partly paying her bills. Training commences along with challenges and so on. Around episode 5, Kai is sent on a mission which goes wrong, and ends up in the 'real world' in the city of Gald, a place where Ashurum is not favoured (due to its habit of knocking down bits of city when it feels like it) and espers of any kind are feared and hated. There are several factions maneuvring throughout the anime for control of Gald, Ashurum, espers and the world in general, and Kai is thrust into the middle of all of this without much guidance.

Degenerates to DBZ in the middle, and doesn't really get good enough later IMO to make up for the bad taste it left. - MoonShadow


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