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Briefly: FanFiction of NeonGenesisEvangelion.  I.e., fiction, using the characters and universe of NeonGenesisEvangelion, written by fans.  There's an awful lot of it around.  A lot of it is very bad as well.  Here are some that aren't.

Warning: this page, as well as almost all of the pages it links to, contain Spoilers for the Evangelion anime series and movies.

(Fairly standard categorisation used: there's explanations of the categories at http://iow.free.fr/old/fanfic.html#genre.)

A retelling of the story of Evangelion, with events altered by the way Rei and Asuka make their romantic interest in Shinji known.  Excellently written.
A rather surreal idea: the Evangelion characters and (roughly) relationships, but set in a fantasy world (with magic, elves, demons and so on).  But Rakna's a good storyteller, so it works.
I saw the name Alex Churchill in the credits as a proofreader: presumeably this is the ToothyWikizen we all know and occasionally love?  --FR
*grin* Yep. It's coming out very slowly, but yes. I emailed him several typos and suchlike that I'd spotted in the first few chapters, and now every time he finishes a chapter he sends it to me to have the English checked. --AlexChurchill
Sorry to mention it, but I've found quite a few more, especially in the later chapters: Mostly malapropisms, and particularly the wrong use of to.  I guess it doesn't matter, though.  --FR
It'd be worth emailing him to let him know, especially if they bother you (as they do me). I'm not actually sure he acts on everything I send him; it's also possible there are some I just missed. He also sometimes takes a while to update the latest chapter or two with the corrections I send him. --AC

An intriguing retelling of the Evangelion story, with a new character cast as (of all things) the teacher of the Children. The plot's variable, but the characters are well told, and it successfully delves into things like philosophy and classical music.  However, it is absolutely mammoth.
Despite the awful title, it's a good fic.  I agree with those on the net who say the characterisation is off in places, but it's a good fun read.

To quote an online review: "It's WAFF, but it's almost perfectly In-Character WAFF, which is part of what makes so great, and doesn't feel like the forced WAFF or blatant-wish-fulfillment WAFF you often get in other fics."
As silly as the name sounds.
On the other hand, on the same link you can find 'The Heart, the Soul' which the author states is what he actually wants to write (though Evanjellydonut is very funny).  It's an alteration of the plot from... aargh! *curses lack of memory for events in the series* I think just before the angel that attacks Asuka's mind.  It develops a romance between Shinji and Asuka, but does it from many different points of view: so far Shinji, Asuka and Misato, but I think the author is planning chapters for Gendo and Rei as well.  --FR

Deliberately sets out to get Hikari and Shinji together, and "see what happens" to the Eva storyline.  Really well written! The author develops the characters in ways that are both believable and utterly gripping.  (Not just Shinji and Hikari, either.  AC particularly likes what he does with Rei.  Kensuke also develops interestingly :) )
Be warned, though: it contains spoilers for End of Evangelion, and also for GirlfriendOfSteel.  In fact, the author's notes at the end of each chapter contain spoilers, so be advised to steer clear until you've read the whole thing :/
A quiet, thoughtful fic.  Apparently classified as WAFF.
Created as a romance fic that happened within the *actual* Evangelion story.  Quite a restriction to get much romance in there. But this is a very well written story.

AlexChurchill: I just noticed the large amount of the above which are either WAFF or romance.  Not all, by any means, but a disproportionate amount.  Well, anyone who's read a good non-WAFF-or-romance fic, link to it here...  I have read some, just not many that I particularly liked.  I know I do like some dark stories - SailorNothing is an excellent anime-style original story which gets very dark in places - it just seems that listing the Eva fics I've particularly liked, there aren't many... ^^;;

If people have any comments or links to FanFiction for other series, then - as ever - feel free to edit or add to this page.

The problem with Eva fanfic is that you can't have wish fullfilment fiction.  Whereas with most animes, the fanfiction "The little whiny kid detroyed the whole world and then died" is highly satisfying, in Eva it's the actual plot.
*giggle* - AlexChurchill

Ooops.  Somewhat belated SpoilerWarning needed here ;)


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