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Hmm.  I can't find my original review, so I'll have to recreate it.

Argh!  Some things should not be allowed to exist.  A good example of this is "Sailor-Moon".  Another is "Fan-Fiction".  Some concepts should not co-exist.  One example of this is "Sailor-Moon Fan-Fiction".  My world is crumbling around me, for not only DOES such evil exist, but somebunny has managed to combine it with "Dark" and - most horrific of all - yes, "Good" - to produce "Good (Dark (Sailor-Moon Fan-Fiction))".  Such things were not meant to be.

I read it, I liked it.  Can I no longer regard myself as beyond such gross horrors of the internet?

Oh wait.  The author claims it not to be a sailor-moon fic.  That makes it all alright then.  Because he is LYING.  (Well, it doesn't appear to share the universe just the culture and... I never said that.  I would have no idea about it.  IKnowNothing.  you CantProveAThing.)
So, that would make most fantasy stories LordOfTheRings "fics" then?  And you'd call StarWars a StarTrek "fic"?  SailorNothing bears the same (or less) relation to Sailor-Moon than those pairs do.  It's correctly described as in the same genre: "bishoujo sentai", i.e. "pretty girl fighting team", usually highschool girls who have a nice magical transformation sequence.  But, as is made abundantly clear by the skit at the start of the first chapter, it's definitely not got the same attitude as those do - it's a dark parody of the normal MagicalGirl? genre.    ...Not that I'm particularly fussed about convincing you, since we both think it's a good story worth reading, which is the important thing :)  -- AlexChurchill
I refuse, in the face of all fact, that any other group of people would be so evil as to create a whole genre of sailor magical girls with wands and cats.  I refuse also to believe that there were sufficient quantities made to build a ladder to orbit out of them.  It never happened.  SailorMoon is bad enough - there being more of it is just too horrible to contemplate.
I can understand this point.  Perhaps we ought to try to convince the [Animanga Database] of this?  They currently list at least 12 MagicalGirl? series, and they've not got every popular anime in the database by any means... --AlexChurchill

Yeah.  Um.  Go and read it.  [Sailor Nothing]

Those interested in fan fiction might also enjoy Sailor Hellblazer, at http://www.thekeep.org/~rpm/vertigo/sailor-hellblazer/ . It does exactly what it says on the tin. Actually, it's a sequel to another crossover, Dire Fates, which is at http://www.thekeep.org/~rpm/vertigo/direfates/ and you should probably read it first.

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