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Fiction written by fans.

A lot of it tends to be (a) rubbish and (b) populated by MarySues.

Good authors and good stories do, however, exist.  Unfortunately, the rubbish tends to proliferate far faster.

The true afficionado of fan fiction will appreciate the works of Stephen Ratliff, found at http://svamcentral.org/svam/ms-mar.html
Painfully funny.  It comes with a warning, though - DON'T READ IT AT WORK!  People will look at you strangely as you smirk and splutter your way through the lunch hour. -- M-A

Good fan fiction is a bizarre phenomenon, as it leaves one wondering precisely why talented people wish to waste themselves skirting around the edges of other people's universes and writing to a tiny, tiny audience rather than attempting to tell their own stories. Perhaps it's a security blanket thing.

There's also the aspect of not having the time/effort/energy to world-build for this simple story-outline that you have that already fits wonderfully into this existing world.

And perhaps also liking these existing characters enough that you'd like to see what would happen to them if X, Y, Z happened - how they'd react, etc..  --AC

How much 'world-build' does a simple story take anyway?

(world-building) Quite a lot sometimes.  It's a lot easier to write stuff when the reader already understands the locations and/or the characters involved. 

Personally, I would never want to write fanfcition.  But it certainly does help if you can evoke a responce of "Oh, this bit is like ...." - it saves you from Tolkien?-like levels of intro.

[My BRAIN is MELTING] ... GoodOmens cross-fic.  --Vitenka

[... Yes </Kosh>]

[50 word fanfiction] (specifically, the first of the two)
I like :) I didn't get the reference in the second either (until I read the comments) - SunKitten
More worringly... I did...  HelpMe?.  --Vitenka (Who has seen the first one in long form, somewhere before.)

"Why most FanFiction sucks" includes the glorious line ["Mulder and Scully doing S&M on the Tardis is a fairly clear give away."]

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