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A keyboard layout designed for single-finger typing: that is, use as an OnScreenKeyboard with either a GraphicsTablet or a touch-sensitive screen like PocketPC?s have. The layout is:

 Z  V  C  H  W  K
F  I  T  A  L  Y
[SPC] N  E [SPC]
G  D  O  R  S  B
Q  J  U  M  P  X
(See [proper graphic])

It's optimised for the EnglishLanguage to reduce pen travel: so that common words can often be written travelling between adjacent keys for each successive keypress. Consider for example words like "that", "into", "where", "done" etc.
Punctuation and numbers are in a sidebar. Capital letters can principally be obtained by use of "slides": click on one key, drag to anywhere else and release. This is a far easier way of obtaining them than laborious clicking of Shift before each key.

The PocketPC? version is very customisable, and about to become even more so. The Windows version is unfortunately rather less so, but still for a free program (it's currently in open beta) you can't complain.

Official website at http://fitaly.com . Forums at http://fitaly.com/fitalyforums.htm .
Downloads can be a bit fiddly to find: the PocketPC? (WindowsMobile?) version can be downloaded [here], and the Windows version [here] (intended for Tablet PCs, but works fine on WinXP etc).

OP = AlexChurchill

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