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Start ->Programs ->Accessories ->Accessibility ->OnScreenKeyboard. Handy if you can't use a keyboard for whatever reason. It's there on WinXP... can anyone confirm presence on other Windowses? Or equivalents for Linux etc.

Here on Win2k.. - MoonShadow
Not seen it on Win9x.  Many ShareWare versions exist though.  --Vitenka
If you unplug the keyboard and restart the computer you get the windows onscreen keyboard, at least I got it a couple of times under win95C when I had a flaky keyboard.  I wouldn't recommend it though. --Jumlian
Interesting.  I'll have to try that.  --Vitenka
Er, if you unplug the keyboard before boot doesn't the computer tell you and refuse to continue until you hit F1? --ChrisHowlett
Mine didn't, but it was a 1998 vintage PII (266) from China and so might not have been that clever (given how spectacularly it finally exploded last year, I think it was probably made in a fireworks factory).  Also, the problem was a flaky keyboard in my case, and it wasn't unplugged, necessarily, but the keys didn't function in any manner and windows decided on boot-up that the mouse was the sole input device.  There is a third possibility, that the OSK was part of some weird driver + useless stuff package that came with the flaky keyboard, but that kind of implies that the company responsible had little faith in their own product... :-) --Jumlian
There be BIOS options to fix that.  Which yes, you have to do before the keyboard breaks.  --Vitenka
There's [OSK] on Aminet for Amigas. --Admiral

The old 'character map' is in every version of 'Accessories' that I've seen, and is better than nothing. --Mjb67
I have a feeling it may have been absent in 3.0.  I have few memories of those dark days. --NT

Fitaly plays this role both for PocketPC?, and also for WinXP and other Windowses.

CategoryComputing, UI; see also Dasher

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