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Yes, I'm writing a fanfiction.  A Harry Potter one. 

Friends and More

Ugh, even the title is cheesy.
A brief note of explanation.  This starts in the summer holidays between Harry's fifth and sixth years, and... I'm not entirely sure when it will finish.  It is a Harry/Ginny? ship fic, but with complications.  It's also an attempt on my part to write in the style of Ms Rowling, and also to make a prediction of my own.  It'll turn up eventually.  Comments about the overall fic can go on this page, corrections/queries about specific chapters can go at the bottom of the individual page. 


I am afraid that I'm not in a position to even appraise whether it is GoodCheese? or not.  I managed to struggle down to "Dear Luna" and had to stop.  Sorry - I have an allergic reaction to FanFiction it seems, and something in this marks it as such.  Perhaps InMediaRes? would help - whilst the setup is kinda like the originating authors style, it is subtly different enough to show.  --Vitenka (Whose intros also always suck)
That came out more harshly than I intended.  Sorry.  --Vitenka
Nah, it's fine.  In all honesty, I'm not sure i expect people to like it, and I know you're not a fanfiction person.  Thanks for making the attempt :-)  --FR

Blarg.  I don't think I'll post here anymore.  However, it is continuing [here] if anyone cares.  There's at least one more chapter.

It's finished, after nineteen chapters (plus a prologue), over 111,000 words (I think) and, surprisingly, only about six months.  Now, if I could just write something original...

You know, this is really sad.  The sequel's started now, and I am, as of 1/5/05, part way through chapter two.  Don't know if anyone even cares.

Please stop putting yourself down, mate. Your work is not that bad. --Requiem


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