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General Certificate for Standard Education. --AR
Isn't it "Secondary"? --M-A
PeterTaylor is sure it's General Certificate of Secondary Education. His certificates from MEG and EdExcel? support this.

The first of the 6 years of non-stop annual examinations facing most students nowadays ( GCSE, AS?, A2, first year, second year, and final exams at university ). Or more than 6, if you do a four-year course, or do some GCSEs a year early. Xarak doesn't like this.

Surely the GCSE mocks the year before start this sequence?  And there is only a short gap between the eleven plus SAT?s and this sequence.  I think it's an attempt to make going to work seem attractive, since you have no more formal exams.  Unless you work as a chartered something, of course.  --Vitenka (And, uh.. everything is moving that way.  Drat.)

Mocks and SAT?s I wasn't counting because doing badly on those won't harm your future career. But they'll certainly add to the stress, true... -- Xarak

He also read in the paper recently that, in an attempt to cut down on exam stress, the government were thinking of changing the AS level rules so that sixth formers didn't take AS levels at the end of year 12, and instead take all the exams at the end of year 13 ( like the old A level system. ) He was under the impression that the whole reason the A-levels was split in the first place was to reduce stress because having two years worth of exams all at once was deemed too stressful! Now it appears, they've U-turned. Back and forth like a yo-yo...
PeterTaylor quite liked the modular system. Spread the exams, allow retakes, and let people drop out after a year and convert their modules into an A/S if they want. Doesn't work for all subjects, but it's fine for maths and physical sciences at least.


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