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Sample Conversation: Have you seen the size of my x where x is not a fish or did you know that x need y in order to flourish where x is not AlexChurchill and y is not JellyBabies.


Go on confess or grass (hee) up your nearest and dearest. What is in your garden and what have you eaten. What are you struggling against and what has shriveled into an unattractive pile that you can't bring yourself to deal with.

Garbled: 3 Outside grow bags with courgettes, tomatoes and mini SweetCorn?. A trough of carrots and a plant pot of turnips. 1 WendyHouse? style GreenHouse? containing two pots of brocolli (seriously overcrowded argh), dwarf french beans, cucumber (some kind of female flower only variety), Little Gem Lettuces, spinach. Some Celosi.

Eaten - 10 courgettes, two more cut today, but think that they may be finishing on my plants. Guinea pigs have just eaten some thinned out spinach roots.

Working - One of my tomatoes looks like it may be going towards orange. But I am colour blind. The rest are between white and green.

What is going wrong - I have planted too many broccoli, and only now when they are quite big noticed that they should be quite widely spaced (something ridiculous like 12in and 18in between rows.) I also have too many spinach seedlings, but feel less guilty if a ToothyRodent can consume some.

My tomatoes have blackfly despite me squishing as many as I see and spraying them with some kinda bug zapping chemical.

I have no idea how anything else is doing. My dwarf beans are about 2-3 inches tall (planted week before last). I have seedlings in all my pots, but spinach seem most enthusiastic. I am watering daily (Thankfully no hosepipe ban my way), and my greenhouse is mostly shut.

Shriveled: Pansies in front hanging baskets which were left alone during a weak spring rainwise.

Vitenka killed a weed the other week.  And watered the grass sometimes!  And steadfastly refuses to believe that cowslip counts as a weed because it looks pretty.  --Vitenka

M-A & Nat are attempting to grow veg:

The alium bulbs planted in the front border to provide some summer colour didn't come to much.  And the gladioli have thrips.

Alternatively, a gun-barrel size appropriate for firing daffodil bulbs.

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