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I have actually been to Girton Hall, but never to formal hall. Apparently it's once a week on Thursday, and the fellows eat the same as the students (in a good way). TheInquisitor.

AR - Yeah, yeah.  You're going to have to do better than that you know...  Just saying you've been does not prove its existence.  You've not proved that you've been to the mythical GirtonCollege either.  All you've said is that you've been to Girton Hall...  Sounds like a conspiracy to me...

SL - We don't know that. He could be one of those few who are admitted to the CambridgeUnderground, in which case he has full license to conspire, and the question of whether Girton actually exists becomes irrelevant to the question of whether TheInquisitor has been there.

AR - I presumed we all had a license to conspire, but perhaps I've said too mu<arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh>

JG-I have been to FH there! And got cream pudding all over my gown: don't risk it!

Senji - I, also, have also been to GirtonFormalHall (and also to GirtonCollege in the process), twice.  Once with MethSoc and once with CUSES

Hawk - I also attended a MethSoc formal hall there, and a CUAC one in fact.  I even walked there during the middle of the night at the end of one Lent term (to take a photo of a cuddly chicken in front of the "Girton College" sign), but it was an excessively random evening so maybe that provides no extra evidence for its existence.

Pavanne- I've been to GirtonFormalHall lots of times. It's nice. I'm at Girton, though.

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