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Are the Haibane children who died through suicide, or is that just Reki and Rakka and hence their 'sin'?  I'm pretty sure from the dreams and background that they did kill themselves but we really aren't told anything about the other haibane.

 - Kazuhiko

I hadn't thought of that. I have no idea, although it's plausible. But why are Reki's wings black from the start, whereas Rakka's turn black halfway through? - SunKitten

Having just rewatched "the well", Rakka pretty much says she remembers committing suicide. We know Reki did from the end. We know very little about the others' background except for Kuu (the Haibane leader talks about her; I'll keep an eye out for hints when we rewatch that ep) and the things they all say about their dreams back in episode one ^^; I'll get back on that once I remember more.. - MoonShadow.

Rakka doesn't understand her 'sin' until the well.  Maybe that has an effect?  On the other hand, Reki doesn't seem to know of her suicide until the very end but she has other 'sins'.

AIUI, their wings turn black when they start thinking they're bad/sinful, and they're "cured" if/when they come to terms with it - in Rakka's case, it's realising she isn't to blame for something she has no control over, as well as coming to terms with not having her senpai around any more; in Reki's case, it's being able to ask for help. I'm probably wrong, though. If they can't come to terms with it, they lose their wings/halo and work in the Haibane Renmei. - MoonShadow.

Again from rewatching the "well" episode and the one before it, Reki is aware that "something terrible" happened "in her dream" after the bit she remembers - maybe it's a matter of not admitting things to herself? - MoonShadow

It could also be connected to Reki's birth, given that she wasn't found until well after her wings had emerged and were left covered in blood.  Not sure.  For all we know it could be to do with having a name that begins with R...

Slightly different question...  Was Reki cured of her blackened wings, or do we think that she was still using the medication/dye to remove the black marks up to the end?

If she was, it would have been right at the end, just before she left the nest; so we wouldn't know. - MoonShadow.
I certainly got the impression her wings were genuinely cured - SunKitten

 - Kazuhiko

On a slightly different note, I got the feeling that the town was an allegory for limbo, and once they had faced their sins, they were able to complete their journeys. - Tsunami
''AlexChurchill: Yes, that makes sense.  That kind of feeling is backed up by the way we never see outside the wall.  (Except, I suppose, when Rakka's falling from the sky towards the town? Can we see the wall, and thus the other side of it, then?)

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