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When a young girl wakes from a dream in which she is endlessly falling, she finds that she is in a strange world.
She has become a Haibane (a person with wings and a halo).
There are several other Haibane, who make her welcome, however all is not easy.
Haibane have to work for a living, and are only allowed to buy second hand goods in the local town.
The town and the Haibane's house (Old home) is surrounded by a high wall, which no-one is allowed to cross. Only the monks and the birds ever see the outside world.


Sounds interesting.  What style? Shoujo I'm guessing, but is it fluff/dark/somewhere inbetween? - Kazuhiko

By the same people who did SerialExperimentsLain and NieaUnderSeven, and it shows.  It's pretty.  -- AlexChurchill

MoonShadow: It's extremely addictive. It's like NieaUnderSeven with plot, or like Nausicaa with extra cuteness and YoshitoshiABe? artwork. Currently (ep.4), there are hints of darkness to come, but nothing dark yet.

The official website is [here], and you can read an almost comprehensible machine translation by entering the site [here].

Very sweet, although also a little depressing.  I have a question, but its about as big a spoiler as you can get so please don't read unless you have seen the whole thing.  - /MajorSpoilerDiscussion - Kazuhiko

Sounds like a allegory about the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain. - Mjb67
Heh! Indeed! The process of getting there is painful and out of your control, you'll only be able to form relationships with other people who're also in your boat, you have to work but everyone knows you're a Haibane when you are working, and there's the huge high wall... :)  Not a bad allegory.  I say this based on only the first two episodes, of course, and without knowledge of anything after that... --AlexChurchill

I'm really glad you added the proviso then...  Unless there is something about the asylum process that I'm not aware of ^^; - Kazuhiko

I thought I'd better add that it was just the first two episodes I'd seen, or else somebody would think I'd seen the whole thing.  You people who've watched it all can all wander off and have a happy chat on /MajorSpoilerDiscussion, while us plebs just sit and wait patiently for it to start at WednesdayAnime :P  ;)  --AlexChurchill

According to the author, inspired by ISBN 0099448785

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