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I am the proud co-owner of the ToothyHamster along with Garbled. We now also own the ToothyGuineaPigs.

I am a part-time maths tutor, and about to start my PhD at Cardiff in some form of number theory.

I've been told to write about my KiaPride. I'm not sure why. Is it enough to acknowledge that I own possibly the least fashionable car in Britain, and even worse, this is my second KiaPride since the first was written off.

I have to ask.  Is this Hamster-ess or pork-product-stress?  --Vitenka
It's short for Hamster mistress for I command the ToothyHamster since Garbled terrifies her and lets her exercise her escapologist tendencies a little too often
If she does not escape, how can she achieve true mastery of this ancient art, and run away and join the circus (This is probably what happened to Vitenka's Hamster)
Um.  Most of our hamsters were eaten by our cats.  We found one that had escaped into the floorboards several months after it had done so.  The most memorable one simply died of old age.  It was memorable for having survived being thrown across the room and slamdunked into a tin WasteBin?.  (Friend picked it up, it bit him, unthinking he shook his hand in the universally accepted 'owie' gesture, hamster went flying.)  I'm not sure what, if anything, this has to do with this HomePage?.  --Vitenka
One of my (Garbled)'s friends killed a hamster by sitting on it. But don't tell the ToothyHamster


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