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The ToothyHamster died. The ToothyHamster lives. Long live the ToothyHamster.

The new hamster is called Vertigo (m), and we have had fun today.

Question: What will a hamster do to escape the cage?

1. Nibble your way out.

2. Break your wheel, shearing it straight off the cage (we have no idea how, but he's done it thrice now), then take advantage of the parents trying to remedy said situation.

3. Absolutely nothing no matter how many times Garbled leaves the door open.

Vertigo is the big brother of the ToothyGuineaPigs.


I also have two ToothyHamsters. Bitmap and JPEG (JPEG being the smaller fuzzier one of course) --RobHu
Oh dear. CategoryAwfulPun, anyone? --CH
Awful puns are inevitable. Resistance is cute and fluffy (Wouldn't that be a good name for a pet). --Garbled
What kind of ToothyHamsters are they? Vertigo is a greyish looking (blue) Syrian.
White and brown little Robovorskis (http://www.robhulme.com/DSCF2651.AVI and http://www.robhulme.com/DSCF2652.AVI) --RobHu

CategoryFrighteninglyCute, in general

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